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Jul 21, 2011

Exclusive Books Sale

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  12:32 PM

A Love RekindledBefore I get into todays post I'ld like to congratulate Beverly at the Wormhole for winning the Myne Whitman Book Giveaway. I'd also like to thank Myne for so generously offering to give each person that submitted a story an eBook copy of her book, A Love Rekindled. That was very generous of her. And to each of those who entered, those were truly fabulous stories, each moving in its own way as Myne so  eloquently pointed out in comments HERE

Look out for next week's giveaway on the Luminary Wednesday Interview with writer Joseph Rinaldo on the 3rd of  August.


When my son was 7 he loved telling everyone that the word SALE was created for his mommy. Tis' got a grain of truth in it I suppose. What I do know is put the word sale together with books and I go a little batty as I'm sure, do most of us here. I will buy books not only because I've been wanting to read it  but also because someone else, identity yet unknown, might want to read them and then of course there are also my kids who seem to have caught this book shop bug too.
When I saw Exclusive Book Sale email I immediately scheduled visits on my calander and now I'm sharing what I've grabbed so far.
I suspect these will not be read for a while as we collect the rest of the series.
I can't wait to dig into these two for our new house. I'm so proud of hubby
 building one for us. Now to dress the thing.

If you have a South African address and are interested
in this book please  drop me a line.

“Algeria’s Way is an altogether surprising book. Upon reading the back cover and discovering that this is a novel about a girl, Algeria, who is “classified as honorary white under South Africa’s old laws”, the first surprise is that the story is set in Spain, and not in South Africa.
“The second surprise is that it is a story about a pilgrimage, and one immediately imagines saints, sandals and sunburn. Again, the crafty backhand is that this novel is not about Catholicism or religious revelations. Rather, it is a sultry and simply told tale of exploration, truth and individuality.” Phill Murray _ Cape Times
No wife ever shot a husband while he was vacuuming. From the author of To Love, Honour and Betray (Till Divorce Us Do Part), comes another collection of Kathy Lette’s funniest and most outrageous quips and observations.Goodreads
If you have a South African address and are
interested in this book please drop me a line.
I can conclusively say this is not a book I will will read. I found the first few pages I read desperately dark for a book that's based on real life in the slums of Johannesburg and too liberal in its use of bad language. If you happen to be interested and live in South Africa drop me a mail and I'll post it to you (Sorry international friends but sending it anywhere would could cost about a $100 for a $4 book). Here's some info:
In 2004, the Afrikaans novel Kontrei caused huge controversy – and earned critical acclaim, winning the Jan Rabie-Rapport prize for innovative prose.
Now translated into English as Midnight Missionary, this astonishing novel takes the reader on an uncharted journey into the nihilistic world of a sex-mad Afrikaner man who seeks the company of black prostitutes, most of them immigrants from other African countries, in the backstreets and brothels of Johannesburg.
By turns autobiography, social comment and subtle satire, Midnight Missionary provides a gritty and shockingly honest portrait of urban life in post-apartheid South Africa. Books Live
“Picador Africa comprises African literature - fiction and non-fiction - written by Africans. The primary aim of the imprint is to raise awareness, both locally and internationally, of the importance and value of African writing.

Dreams, Miracles and Jazz is an anthology of new writing in English from writers born in Africa or of African parentage. Stories from emerging voices including previous Caine prize winners,Binyavanga Wainana, Segun Afolabli and Brian Chikwava; writers who have since secured book deals, like Sefi Atta, and others whose work has won awards and is found regularly in national and international anthologies such as Biram Mboob and Mamle Kabu. The anthology is diverse thematically, covering almost all the major contemporary African issues such as AIDS, migration (both within and outside of the continent), land issues and identity. There is the tragic as well as the comic, but what runs through them all is the writers’ love and optimism for their continent, their belief in its future. Here are stories from Africa’s emerging international voices, telling stories in both traditional and new ways, paying homage to those who have gone before, yet forging ahead along their own dynamic new paths of  storytelling. Good storytelling to be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates good fiction and wonderful writing." Haisoratra

As you can see I have two copies of the one book because I want to introduce someone
to the author, if that is you and you r address is in South Africa, please drop me a line.
This is definately one of my favourite Romanti Comedy wrters. He has the most phenomenal wit. His best selling book, The No. 1 Ladies detective Agency which is based in Botswana was made into a fabulous miniseries which really entertained SADC audiences. Check out his website, this old English gentleman seems to have a lot of exciting stuff happening . Alexander Mccall Smith
If you're interested in this book please drop me a line,
only addresses in South Africa.
Clare Elian has always known the risk of being married to a rich, handsome younger man like Marc. She just never thought she'd be the one to bring the danger home. But when she gives birth to two gorgeous babies - one of each, naturally - she discovers motherhood isn't quite the cinch she'd expected. Desperate to escape back to her chic chain of boutique flower shops, she hires Jenna, a confident, efficient nanny keen to escape a relationship that has gone horribly wrong. Before long, a deadly rivalry emerges for control of the nursery. And as events spiral out of their control, both women find themselves forced to make wrenching decisions about love, loyalty and motherhood. Praise for Tess Stimson: '[a] superior tale of immorality and lust...Stimson's skill ensures we are gripped to the finish. Warmly recommended' - "Daily Mail"The Cradle Snatcher

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  1. Hi Wendy,

    What a cool blog you got going here. Thank you for poping over to mine earlier. I'm glad you enjoyed my excerpt and hope you'll follow the story.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Oh Hi Kiru,
    So lovely of you to come buy. I really enjoyed your story and I'mm definitely be following closely.


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