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Jul 25, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  1:08 AM

The Pursuit of Happiness: A NovelAuthor:       Douglas Kennedy
ISBN:        10: 1439199124
Format:     Paperback, Kindle
Publisher: Story Plant, The (March 16, 2010)   
Rating:     5 of 5 stars

The story starts of with the death of Dorothy,  Kate’s mother. We see Kate trying to come to terms with the death of a complicated woman whom she loved but never understood. It is only after her mother’s death that she catches a glimpse of the magnitude of the sadness and loneliness that overshadowed 40 years her mother’s life. She learns this through a manuscript written by Sara whose life was intricately entwined with that of Dorothy for 40 years. Dorothy married and lived with a man who did not love her and whom she did not love, not even from the first day of marriage. Sara loved a man she could not have but whom she loved at first sight and knew would be the only one she ever would. 

  • Kate a 40 something year old divorcee raising a child on her own and trying to cope with life and the foreboding suspicion that she is a failure.
  • Sarah is a writer around whom the story is told and an independent woman who loves the man who becomes her undoing.
  • Eric, devoted bother and homosexual in the 30’ and 40’s.
  • Jack Malone,  husband to Dorothy, Father to Kate who in my opinion a spineless man responsible for a 40 year long catastrophy and the loss of two lives..
  • Dorothy, a woman who made the choice to marry Jack Malone because of an accidental pregnancy and it cost her happiness to a very large degree.

  • I cannot count the number of "MOMENTS" this book contains and each one is more gut wrenching than the last, that’s one of the things that keep the nail biting suspense going. There is one part that will remain with me forever, I was so disturbed there after by the pain felt by this woman I could not read further for a couple of days and didn’t think I would again. For the first time I really cried for a character.
  • The entire book It feels like a life that’s been lived in its tragedies and triumphs and as a result you forget you’re reading a work of fiction.
  • It is a multi layered work that takes you through the heteregenous nature of man. You realize that this book is a reflections of real people with real problems that the rest of the world remains is blissfully unaware of. That resonated with real life for me.

  • I felt that there were bits that went on a tad bit long with explanation but not long enough to tempt me to put the book down and they were very few. 
  • I wished he could have covered something about her brother and her ex-husband post her becoming a woman of means, mostly t make the ending more exciting. But perhaps after the rollercoaster of emotions we go through in almost 600 pages, he thought it better to let it go easy.

When I read the last word I immediately though: WOW, so this is what life is........If not for knowing who the writer was, I would have sworn that this is the work of a female novelist, it almost seems impossible that a man should have such insight into and understanding of the female psyche and emotions. 
The Pursuit of Happiness is piece of genius. I believe if a novelist writes with the aim of moving their audience to feel joy, pain, fear, anxiety, heartache, sadness, triumph, and myriad of other emotions to their extreme, this is a book to look up and study. The imagery Kennedy creates is beyond magnificent, no words can adequately explain his gift with words.  His book, Temptations made me fall in love with the English language, The Pursuit of Happiness made me fall in love with his creative genius. He is an author I am sure I will enjoy for decades to come.

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  1. It's good when a book is so well-written that you forget it's fiction.

  2. Hi WEndy, stopping through with the answer to your question. I recommend reading the book that was about AIDS because the author really had a good storyline. It was not a topic that taught Aids but a heartfelt consequences. Damn, it all i can say when i finished reading it. one of those, slow, sorrowful 'daaaamnnn'. I think i cried.

  3. They sound heavy, but honest, true, real. These sound like they could turn into classics. Isn't is amazing when you come across books that you know could become a classic! Most people never come across a book like these potential classics. GREAT reviews!


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