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Jul 4, 2011

A World I Never Made

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A World I Never MadeAuthor:       James Lepore
ISBN:        10: 0981956858
Format:     Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle
Publisher: Story Plant, The (March 16, 2010)   
Rating:     3.5 of 5 stars

Patrick Nolan is a father searching for his daughter in the wake of being summoned from his home in America’s Midwest to Paris in order to identify her body. He tells the police it is his daughter despite the knowledge that even though this woman looks remarkably like his daughter, she is not. 
He realises his estranged, independent daughter must be in over her head this time if she took the trouble to fake her death. It soon becomes clear that on one of her globe trots she made some powerful enemies in Morocco, namely the Salafist Jihad. Together with an unlikely ally in the form of a French police officer, Pat races against time, following every possible clue available trying to get to his daughter before time runs out for her.

  • Patrick Nolen is a American called to Paris on the death of his daughter.
  • Megan Nolan is the estranged daughter who through rebellion towards her father ends up living a life of extreme opulence supported by wealthy men in return for her company.
  • Cathrine Laurence the beautiful but tormented French detective who falls for Patrick.
  • Abdel Lehani, a Saudi business man who turns out to be a prince and more to Megan’s detriment.

  • I haven’t read a suspense thriller in a long while and I’m so thrilled I started with this one. Its racy, never has a moment to spare and the plot is really superbly developed. Right through there’s a sense of urgency that doesn’t let up even for a moment.  There a very good balance between action and moments of solitude. 
  • The expert manner in which Lepore switches between timelines and characters is really admitavle. It’s done in such a way that you never get lost in the entire going one, there is great flow. 
The only reason that my rating is not 4 or above is because I found dialogue between characters very clipped. When the characters were conversing with one another I kept wishing that they would say more, express themselves more that expecting to receiver to guess. It almost felt like they were speaking on code at times, example where a man and woman are professing love for one another, instead of having a dialogue that evokes emotion there are one or two word sentences that leave everyone having to assume what was just said.

This is a story that weaves into it lessons on love, selfishness, selfworth (Caroline is not duped into believing that the Other Mother loves her because of what she says of give her) and  bravery (t is worthwhile to stand up against those who would hurt your or those you care about).
Keeping in mind that Neil wrote this book for his daughter, I do think he produced a masterpiece in Coraline., perfectly suited in prose and creativity to his target audience. 
I will definitely post my son’s assessment to get a take from the said target audience..

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