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Aug 30, 2011

Dire Moments by Laura Bramley

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  8:22 AM

Love by any other name........#3
I read Dire Moments and when the twist came I actually quite audibly caught my breath with my hand covering my mouth, so shocked was I. Laura is not only a phenomenal writer, in my opinion she is a twist virtuoso (I just made made that apt title up). The twists in her tales elicit a myriad of emotions. One day you're mortified, the next flabbergasted, sometimes very pleasantly surprised and then sends you into a fit of hysterics and nervous chuckles. This is one phenomenal chic.


Dire Moments
by Laura Bambrey @ Chick Lit Love  

Lou caught a glimpse of herself in a shop window. Her cheeks were flushed and her hair tousled. It had been the most incredible night. She could still feel the warmth radiating through her pores, pouring her smugness into the early morning street.

Her handbag vibrated, her phone wrenching her attention away from her own intoxicating reflection. She glanced at the screen. Dan. Her husband of just a month. Heart doing flips, and a fresh wash of colour entering her cheeks, she answered with a honeyed greeting.

“Stranger,” she purred.
“Had a good night did we?”
“Don’t you know it!” her heart was doing a drum-roll against her ribcage at the mere memory. Champagne. Hot Breath. Skin on skin. A trail of warmth.
“So when are you coming back?” he demanded, voice taut.
“I’ve only just left!”
“Yes, but I need you.”
“You’ll just have to wait…” her voice was coy, a little tremor the only indication of her vulnerability.

Lou hesitated. Could she?
“Dan, I know I said yesterday that I’d only be here a day, but I’m going to have to stay here a little while longer… I met some… contacts last night at the party. I want to follow them up. I’m sorry babe, but I’ll be back in a couple of days,” her hand was slick with sweat against the plastic of the phone.

“Yeah, you need to build up your contacts. I would say that I missed you, but that seems a bit pointless, doesn’t it?” His voice was at breaking point.
"It’s only a few days, sorry babe.” She stared back at her reflection in the window, watching the light of adventure in her eyes. She wanted more of what she got last night. More of him…
“Well, get back soon. There are papers you need to sign.”
“What papers,” she was distracted, wanting to get on, get showered, get back.
“Check your call register from last night – you’ll guess what kind of papers. Hurry home. Good bye, Lou.” The line went dead.

Flicking through the menus on her phone, Lou found the call register. No missed calls from the office, or home, or the publishing house.

Then she saw it. Outgoing call. 10.37p.m. Home. 26 mins. She’d been with him. Champagne. Hot Breath. Skin on skin. A trail of warmth. And realized that Dan had heard everything.

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  1. Ahhh- thanks for hosting this story Wendy, and for your lovely words! I'm on an exciting day today, should finishe the first draft of my first novel - must dash.
    Love Laura xxx

  2. Its an honour having talented blog friends to add spice to my blog. Thanks Laura.


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