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Aug 4, 2011

My Shopping Bag

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  9:01 AM

My last week's book shopping consisted of books bought on a whim but I got some nice first editions and hard covers in there as these are books I'm sure I'll have for as long as I breath. I don't know about you but I have a thing for books in hardcover. Especially those from authors I love, a book keeper told me that soft cover seem preferabe because of ease of reading when you're in bed, etc. I say give me a hardcover anytime and digital for convenience...... So here they are, the hard covers are definite keepers.

  • I am now the proud owner of the whole Children of the Earth Series, even though I'm still looking for hardcover copies of the first three. Frustrating. 
  • The Twilight (Breaking Dawn) series is very lucky with me. I bought the softcover set twice because my first I had learnt out to a friend who is no longer a book friend because they came back in such a state I couldn't bear looking at them. The copy in this batch is the first hard cover of the series I've managed to get, so it had to come. I hope my toddler girls, whom I'm actually buying them for will enjoy them one day. 
  • I was also incredily stoked at getting my hands on another Terry Pratchet first edition and of course Neil Gaiman....need I say more?
My family may be relocating soon and in my mind I have somehow worked it out that I have to use this time to stock up on as many books as I want to keep in my library. I worry that I may not have access to as much variety in West Africa. So yesterday I did the bad thing...yes I stopped at the second hand book store and got books that no one will get royalties for....:-( sorry. My only excuse is that second hand book stores are the one place I can be sure of getting a classic that feels like a classic. Its another oddity of mine yes. I have a problem with buying a classic that's brand new. It needs to feel lived for me. I promise that my new book purchases more than make up for my other clandestine book buying activities. So here's what I very proudly own now:
From the line of those standing: Georgette Heyer's Short Stories, Oscar Wilde's Complete Works,Jane Austen (sadly no h/c), Gone With The Wind, Charllote Bronte's Jane Eyre, Emily Bronte', George Elliote and FH burnett's Little Lord Fauntleroy.

And other tidbits: 

Not much has been going on in my blog in the last two weeks because I've been catching up on reading. As you can imagine, with an average of 7 -11 books bought a week, things are backing up. I haven't even told you about my inbox yet. So please excuse the silence.

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  1. Oh, I agree with you about hard covers---they're the best. I don't feel like I really own a book unless I have it in hardcover. I get you on the classics thing---brand new from Barnes & Noble w/ the movie cover doesn't feel so classic at all.

  2. I'm so glad you share this Nicki. I always feel so sneaky about the second book store visits. LOL

  3. Oh my goodness, you are so adorable. I almost thought you were making an advert for eBay to sell your books, Wendy! Laying all your purchases out. And be glad you never have to lend me a book, I'm a book abuser! But just as well I have my own copy of Breaking Dawn ;-)


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