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Feb 24, 2014

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: #Review

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  7:00 AM

I hope its a fantastic Monday for you.
I am recycling a review today simply because i have been so busy with promotions and preparing for tours, there has been no time to get through my reading material. 
Last night while working (worked through out again) i was sort of watching Pride and Prejudice from the corner of my eye, more listening than watching and it struck me that the more i read or watch this movie, the more annoying i find Mr. Bennets seeming resignation towards his household. 
It just grates me that he cannot put his foot down for anything.....anyway
here is a review i wrotye on it two years ago and i still agree with all i said.

Author:       Jane Austen
Series:      N/A
Genre:      Romantic Fiction
Publisher: PurAnchor (November 12, 2008)chase: 

At the beginning we meet Mr. And Mrs Bennet who are tasked with getting their five daughters lucratively married. The arrival of eligible bachelors in the their English village, whose worth is measured by their wealth, sends all women folk into a flurry of activity. Thanks to Mrs. Bennet's unwavering love for material things, we know exactly how much each of the suitors is worth although how she comes by this information I am not sure. But I am not surprise she knows as she is the most meddlesome woman you will ever have the misfortune of coming across. The story protagonist (Lizzy) takes us through the journey from first meeting the town folk to her engagement with Mr. Darcy.

  • Lizzy is the second daughter of Mr and Mrs Bennet and the most daring, witty and intelligent. It is through her eyes that we are told the story.
  • Mr. and Mrs Bennet are parents to all five sisters, who really are the only thing the two of them  have in common.
  • Mr. Bingly is a very dashing gentleman who later, through trail, becomes betrothed to Jane the eldest sister.
  • Mr. Darcy is the obnoxiously proud gentleman who later loses the obnoxious bit and falls in love with Lizzy (Elizabeth Bennet).

  • I found Jane Austen incredibly witty in that dry English humour kind of way which for me is the most enjoyable form of comedy.
  • Eighteen hundreds England came alive. The story is so beautifully written that in my mind’s eye the scenery is laid out so out  clearly I felt I was physically there, watching  the unfolding events rather than reading them. 
  • Despite the excessive observance of respectability and decorum which stifled creativity and spontaneity in this period, human nature fought to break free of such fetters. I see this in the way Mr Bennet supports independence, choice and intellectual stimulation in his older daughters and how he seems look down on the frivolous nature of his wife and younger daughters. 
  • The diverse personalities which made up the Bennet household. The only people who seemed to be very alike are Mrs Bennet and her youngest daughter. I think Jane Austen was a great observer of people because she built rich characters for each player in the story. If you were meant to love, admire, hate someone, you did. For instance I totally dislike (most probably hate) Lady Cathrine and Mr. Bingley’s manipulative sisters. I love and admire Lizzy and I want to love Mr. Bennet but am irritated  by his passive role in his family and  cannot help but think he feels a little too sorry for himself, especially in view of his disdain for his wife and youngest daughters.
  • How well the author articulated the pretentious nature of high society in the Regency period. An example being when Mr. Collin’s feeling slighted by Lizzy’s rejection of his proposal makes a point of being offensive to the Bennet family in his letter about Lydia and later sends a fawning complimentary note congratulating Lizzy on her  impending marriage to Mr. Darcy because of the connection to her wealthy husband to be.

Nothing could have made this story better but of course a reader can always daydream so for one:
  • I wish Mrs. Bennet had not been allowed to carry on as she did, being an embarrassment to her family. Someone should have put her in her place. Oh the woman was irritating. I can still hear her whining.

I have not read anything more romantic and heart warming as is Pride and Prejudice. This is a book that every romantic genre lover should read. Most books you read have a handful of characters, the main plot and maybe one or two deviations (subplots) and that’s it. Not so in Pride and Prejudice. The main plot is further enriched by the myriads of subplots all connected to the story by love and marriage. And the most amazing thing is that as many sub themes as there are, you never lose track of your place, Jane keeps you with her all the way.
I have read, listened to and watched this book so many times that I know I will continue to do so for years to come.

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  1. That's a very thorough review. It's been years since I've read 'Pride' -- I might need to give it another go now!

  2. Thumbs up, Wendy. I love this review.

  3. You should Talli, I chuckle so often when I read that book and of course I'm still looking for the movie with Colin Firth _they keep showing the newer one and he doesn't do it for me. I loved Colin in P&P and I loved him with that mad girl in something about a diary. (Bridget Jones yes).

    Thanks HR

  4. Yay! Great review. Pride & Prejudice is one of my all time favorites. You make a very good point about all the subplots going on while still never losing track of the story. Also, your little bookie images are adorable!

  5. I like how you broke down the review. I read this book in January. It took me 100 pages to really get into it, but after that, I was hooked. I also love how she handled conventions and characters.

  6. Thanks Nicki, I just thought those book thingies were too adorable too.

    Theresa there are so many things I love and find fascinating about this book bit to mention them all would be to spoil it all.

  7. One of the best books I've read. :)

  8. ok why me different. IT was indeed a good movie, have not read book and just don't seem to want to. however, if my daughter watch that movie one more time i'm sending her to her room to watch it. lol. I love your new decor, i know i said it before, but i'm loving it.

  9. Oh Sidne thank you, that means so much because I'm working really hard at making it a blog worthy of my writers and readers.

    Myne lovely to see you.

  10. Hi, Wendy,

    I think I read this ages and ages ago when I was in high school. You make this come to life and make actually want to go take the copy I have off the shelf. So many books, so little time.

  11. Hooray for classics!
    Ahh I really need to read this! I've had this book on my bookshelf for eight years now!

  12. J.L I promise it will be even better the next time round.

    Jinny, get on with it already girl. I look forward to your review of it.


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