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Aug 19, 2011

Love By Any Other Name... & Blog Hops

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  11:19 AM

I have a new segment called Love By Any Other Name.......which will be published on Tuesdays. The aim is to share stories that I come across on the bloggasphere written by my favorite writer/bloggers. So you can expect that each week will have something new and entertaining to start the week off. The theme is mainly romance but on the odd occasion we may be surprised by somethings else. I also think this will be a great way to point my blog friends to great content and blogs to follow.

The stories you find here are also linked to the authors site for your convenience. It would be great to hear what you think about them in the comments section below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Love by any other name........#1

Glitz & Glamour
by Laura Bambrey @ Chick Lit Love  

The box was covered in dark navy velvet. As he moved towards her, the warm glow from the chandeliers glinted off of the subtle gold lettering etched onto the lid. There was no mistaking what was inside it. It was one of those boxes. Not the kind that harboured a diamond chip or splinter. Oh no, this was the kind that housed real diamonds. Usually several carats. She swallowed hard.

She’d always pictured herself ending up with a man like this; tall, broad shouldered. Rugged. He was definitely rugged. A shiver ran down her spine. He looked so perfect in his crumpled linen suit. The moment was here. As he came to a halt in front of her, she could barely breathe.

His overly tousled hair and slightly shaking hands were the only hint of his deeply buried nerves. His eyes caught hers, and she gazed, allowing herself to plunge into the warm, velvet depths. Without looking away, he gently flipped open the lid of the box.

She couldn’t help it. She glanced down. There it was. Set in a wide platinum band, the most stunning diamond she’d ever seen, with the light from the chandelier multiplied a thousand times, reflecting off of every facet.

“Please…?” he asked, his voice ragged with nerves.

 Her heart melted for him. He cleared his throat and tried again.

“…she said ‘no’… my fiancé…uh, girlfriend... Can I get a refund on this?”

“Bear with me, sir. I will need to get authorization from my manager.”

Feature and Follow Friday #4

Q. If you could write yourself a part in a book, what book 

would it be and what role would you play in that book?

It would definitely be a book set somewhere in the Era of Enlightenment (18 - 19 hundreds). I would either be Mr. Darcy's or Sherlock Holmes love interest. I'd pick this time span because this period has always fascinated me, how one people, specifically England could go through states of such polar extremities within such a short space of time. From the Regency's period of shameless debauchery and extravagance to the latter of resolute boredom under Queen Victoria's rule." 
I think as a writer I would have quite a lot of fun creating my female characters who would have an absolute conviction of who she is and what she wants and cleverly manipulate her circumstance to get it. In a time when it was public knowledge that women were the lesser sex.

About the Author

Most know me as the author to Fabulosity Reads and in actual fact, that is the previous name of this blog. I have since then moved my books to a Wordpress self-hosted blog so that I can have a place to show a different side of me which I am equally passionate about and that is marketing and personal development. I hope you will love being here, watching me grow as I share and learn. My highest hope is that we will grown and learn together in all disciplines affecting our lives. I'd LUUURRRVE to hear from you, so don't be shy...


  1. Ooh Sherlock Holmes love interest. That is different. very interesting. New follower. My FF is at
    Hope you stop by!

  2. Hopping through. Yay for Mr. Darcy! You asked about being featured on the FF. Here's the link to sign up:

  3. Who doesn't want to be paired up with Mr. Darcy? And if the real Sherlock Holmes had looked like RDJ then I'd want him too. Thanks for becoming a follower of mine. I'm now following you back.

    The Scarf Princess

  4. Quite a challenge you have set for yourself. But it would be fun to be the love interest of either Mr. Darcy or Sherlock Homes!

    Thanks for stopping by FF

    Following back

  5. I do love Mr. Darcy ;)

  6. Very cool - thanks for the link and re-post


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