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Aug 15, 2011

A Shout Out To All J.L Campbell Fans

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:54 PM

This Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I will be hosting J.L Campbell, chronic blogger ( Snippets and Spashes, The Character DepotReader's Suite) and author of two published novels Contraband which I am pleased to say I finally have in my possession and Dissolution.

I'm also very excited because JL.has agreed to be a regular feature on my blog and so I will, amongst other things, be publishing snippets of her current WIP's on my blog. Wooo Hoooooo. . I had this brainwave as I read through some of the stories she writes for her Romantic Writer's Friday forum and I thoroughly enjoy those. So, please tune in tomorrow and in the mean time, enjoy this snippet from one of her current WIP;s called Taming if.

Mark slogged down the front steps, squeezing the bridge of his nose. Only God knew what he was thinking when he decided to chaseCeleste. He liked his women independent; after all, he wasn’t the most dependable of men. 

When he first asked her out, she had decided where they would spend the evening, and from then on, he had to be firm with her, otherwise he would have done what she wanted on every date.

Her confidence, and the way she had of doing things on her own terms, attracted him initially. Lately, those same qualities—which he was now inclined to describe as pigheadedness—could get them both killed. 

He shoved his hands in his pockets and dragged his feet over the grass. A walk would clear his thoughts and lessen the urge to throttle her.

His fingers curled around the keys to the truck. Now might be a good time to check on things at home. A little distance might also cement the fact that she couldn’t play the sort of game she started earlier without some consequences. Then again, she would count his absence as typical and not give a hoot that he was gone. She did say she didn’t care whether or not he came back. Of course, later she’d change her tune and want to know why he’d gone missing again.

He opened the van, got in and switched on the engine.

They both needed to stop irritating the fiber out of each other and get on with their lives. He wasn’t ready to settle down, he knew that, but when he did, fireworks wouldn’t be part of the equation. He’d had enough of it with Celeste. When the time came, he’d find a woman who fit in with his ideals. Calm, soothing, willing to listen.

He pulled out of the driveway, chuckling. He’d just described a pet or figurine.  There was no getting around it - Celeste made him as confused as a fart in a wicker chair.  Whenever he thought he had a handle on her and her thoughts, she moved in another direction.
Paul’s advice came back to him.  He sighed and turned the radio up higher. Sure, he could show Celeste how he felt, but what was the point when he wasn’t looking for commitment?

And yet, I hate being separated from her for any length of time. 

    ~ Excerpt from Taming Celeste (399 words - FCA)

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  1. It'll be a pleasure hanging out with you, Wendy.

    Celeste and Mark gave me a ton of heart-stopping moments while writing their story.

  2. This is a great excerpt that makes me want to read more.

  3. Hey Wendy, I came by to say hi when you followed Romantic Friday Writers. What a lovely surprise to be able to read more of JL's Taming Celeste. Excellent.



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