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Oct 6, 2011

J.L Campbell on WiP Thursdays

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  1:18 AM

This week, I’d like to share a snippet from a novel in progress called Grunge. 

One final lap and she'd quit.

Corra cut through the water, savoring the warmth left over from a day's worth of the sun's brilliance.

She braced her legs against the wall and spun over on her back to admire the tapestry above. A thousand stars winked an invitation to forget she was earthbound.

Xantrope's reputation for breathtaking beauty made her vacation choice easy this year. The land boasted brilliant flora, and the citizens were friendly. Though the island lay close to home, she'd never taken the hundred-mile trip. Two days in, and Xantrope still lived up to her expectations.

Corra sighed, closed her eyes and let the water buoy her.  She'd face Jamaica and her problems in a couple of weeks.

A small splash disturbed the velvety liquid, but she was loathe to lift her lids. Probably someone who also had insomnia and needed a swim to tire them to the point of sleep.  She raised her head. Nobody in sight. Perhaps she was mistaken.

The tangle of trees and shrubs, designed to simulate the wild, blocked most of the light from the adjoining path. If she let her thoughts run free, the vegetation easily took on the appearance of a pack of zombies, poised to pounce and devour her flesh. 

The secluded pool, which had seemed so inviting when she discovered it, now made her uneasy by its stillness. She rolled her eyes at her thoughts and let reality assert itself. Yards away, other vacationers lounged in their rooms, sated from dinner at the seafood buffet. She ought to stop watching so many horror movies and reading those blood-and-gore books.

The surface of the water broke around the outline of a man.

What the heck?

She prepared to voice her outrage, but before she uttered a word, he clamped her ankles, and flung her to the side in an attempt to keel her over. 

He pinned her from behind, chafing her skin. Then he grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her face down. Foamy bubbles escaped on both sides of her head. The water, which had always represented a source of life to Corra, now carried the possibility of death.

She kicked at her attacker and flailed her arms, desperate for air.  Her limbs dragged, weakened by the earlier exercise and their struggle. A flurry of bubbles left her nostrils, but she dared not inhale.  He dragged her head back and submerged it again.  Water flooded her nose and rushed down her throat.

In a do or die attempt, she heaved her butt out of the water and tried to swing her body around.

It was a waste of energy. 

The man intended to kill her.

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  1. wild, thats a serious snippet. I was into the darn story. its a teaser, lol. enjoyed. J.L. Campbell on my list already for a new author to check out. I'm on a book buy freeze til next year and I got serious funds saved for books on my list. I will be like a on christmas morning as I jet over to my favorite bookstore and start my purchasing. lol

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ohhhhhh I love a good stalking novel...does that make me ...wrong?



  4. Wow that was seriously intense! I could've read more:)

  5. Yes, Tirz, you and me both! :D

    Sidne, hope you enjoy when you get there!

    Glad you enjoyed it, Deana.

    Wendy, thanks, as always, for having me.

  6. Oh, and Tirz, fabulous cover, as usual.

  7. There are so many fewer racially diverse pictures out there to work with. I was just glad we found a girl that worked...even if we had to change her hair.


    That was one of the earlier ones of my covers. I think i could have given you more options if I did it now. But still it turned out well. Tension and jungle. :)



  8. She reminds me of Angela Basset. I've no idea why. But awesome tension in that snippet I agree.

  9. Hey Deanna welocome to FabReads, love having you here.

  10. I like this.

    Good work, JL.

    Your paragraph length and pace of narration is so pitch perfect. Keeps the tension taut.

    The possibilities here are so seductive.

    You rock!

    Keep em coming. Darn, now I'm going to have to stalk you. LOL.

    Wendy, yesterday was Poetry Day all over the ... um... world (?) LOL.

    Yours truly,

  11. Sochi, glad you like it. :)


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