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Sep 15, 2011

J.L Campbell on WiP Thursdays

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  12:03 AM

On Monday, September 19, my self-publishing effort Don’t Get Mad…Get Even goes live.  I’m also going to be posting a short story Giving up the Dream, which will be free of cost. Both stories will be on Amazon and Smashwords and I hope people will take time to read and review. Stay tuned for some giveaways here next Thursday. 
I hope you enjoy the excerpt from Entrapment,
which won a silver medal in the Jamaica Cultural
 Development Commission’s creative writing competition.


We went under cover of night. I was too dazed to remember exactly where we went. My body shook and my bones rattled in the back of the taxi as we manoeuvred a rutted track, somewhere in St. Mary. 

A dim light bulb lit the compound, which sat on the lip of a low hill. I shivered as a light wind danced over my skin. Bottles of all shapes and sizes stood guard around the property, like inanimate soldiers. The banana and mango trees lining the perimeter of the yard chilled my blood every time the leaves rustled. I was sure evil beings lurked in the darkness shrouding the roots of the plants and trees. 

The racket from the rickety gate must have alerted the woman inside. The door opened and a stooped figure stood silhouetted by the light. “Come,” she said. 

She led us down a dark passage, past several doors. The corridor opened into a clustered room, where the air was stale. She invited us to sit, before saying anything else. 

She made herself comfortable and I saw then how old she was. At a guess, I’d say she was somewhere between eighty and a hundred, give or take a few years. Her scrawny hands rested in her lap. The veins, running every which way, reminded me of knotted tree roots. Her sharp eyes sucked in everything about us. A glance at my mother, huddled next to me, confirmed that she was just as terrified.

The lack of teeth distorted the woman’s words. “Why you come to see Miss Jewel?”

Fearful or not, my mother hadn’t lost her spunk. “You is di obeah woman. You must know why we come.”

Miss Jewel’s mouth opened to loose words that set my scalp crawling. “What I know is dat di woman him married to won’t stop ’til she kill him.”

Mummy slid me a sideways look that said she knew this all along and I was the foolish one who refused to believe the obvious. I shrank in my seat, but composed myself when Miss Jewel stared at me out of eyes as black as naseberry seeds and continued to tell me things that made my testicles shrivel and crowd close to my body. I don’t recall much after she opened a square of cloth resembling the skin of some hapless animal, but eventually, she provided what she called a ‘never-fail’ potion and told me not to worry. But her sly grin, coupled with some hidden knowledge in her eyes, made me uneasy. 

Author's note: The book comes with a glossary of Jamaican terms to help with unfamiliar words

Wendy's note: I'm not sure if I was supposed to laugh as hard as I did reading this. My kids were asking what was going on. Oh J.L, you have gallons talent at your fingertips.

About the Author

Most know me as the author to Fabulosity Reads and in actual fact, that is the previous name of this blog. I have since then moved my books to a Wordpress self-hosted blog so that I can have a place to show a different side of me which I am equally passionate about and that is marketing and personal development. I hope you will love being here, watching me grow as I share and learn. My highest hope is that we will grown and learn together in all disciplines affecting our lives. I'd LUUURRRVE to hear from you, so don't be shy...


  1. Wendy, thanks for hosting me! I don't think you'll be laughing when you read the things these people get up to. BTW - Love the little birdie. You have to tell me how to get one as my wallpaper doesn't have the share thingie for each blog post. Too cute!

  2. I'm sending the code for your HTML gadget your way. I also think she's super cute.

  3. (= Wow-- you really can conjure up a scene!

  4. Thanks, Jo. Many would call it too wild an imagination. :)

  5. Inspiring...the economy of words! Takes me back to Samuel Selvon's obeah shorts and Naipaul's vivid scenes. Thanks for sharing, JL. Keep em coming.

  6. I like this. I can see why it won an award. You have a way of breathing life into description without becoming flowery at all.

  7. Memo, didn't realize that Selvon wrote about this sort of thing. Got to get my hands on that. I read him as a child.

    Michael, thanks. It does me good to write from a man's perspective. No flowery language allowed!

  8. Doesn't she just. All day I've had a picture of a man's testicles making their way up to his throat. I mean really, of all things did it have to be testicles. It kills me everytime i go back and read it, I can't imagine what this woman was saying to him to shrivel him up like that. LOLest _ its too funny.

  9. Great excerpt, Joy! I could see the scene so clearly in my mind. You selected a good passage to accumulate interest! I liked it a lot. Congrats and good luck with the self-publishing! :)

  10. Good luck with your self-publishing effort, and I liked this excerpt too. It has that authentic voodoo feel, and the testicles got me too, lol..

  11. Laura,

    Thanks for the good wishes. I'm happy too happy to paint vivid word pictures.

    Myne, thanks. I pretty much scared myself witless writing this story.

  12. JL, you know I love all your stories and I have read a lot of them. I hope you have a lot of success with this!

  13. Good for you bunny!
    Always good to see a writer succeed.


  14. OO interesting. I love excerpts :) And J.L. is always great :)

  15. Thanks, Clarissa! I appreciate your support.

    Tirzah, the wonderful cover artist, thank you!!!

    Kelley, thanks for stopping by!

  16. Congratulations, Joy, on your upcoming release. And your excerpt; wow! I'm so ready to read this book, as I love the descriptions, the characters and the themes.

  17. Thanks for coming over, Michelle and for your kind words.

  18. Fantastic, JL! You do indeed have a lot of talent - I love your stories. Congrats on the new book release!


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