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Sep 22, 2011

J.L Campbell on WiP Thursdays

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  8:39 PM

This week, I’d like to share a snippet from Sudden Emancipation, an award-winning story, which is part of the collection in Don’t Get Mad…Get Even.  It’s about two sisters who are sent to live with their father and his wife when their mother leaves them to seek employment and a better life. The older sister faces challenges she never anticipated. I’d say enjoy, but then you’d think I've weird. 


Sudden Emancipation
One night, a sound jarred me from the depths of sleep. I fought to wake up, but my body refused to cooperate. I lay paralyzed, while my room door creaked shut. Someone crept across the floorboards. The air whistling through his nose hairs alerted me that my father stood over my cot. Only he breathed like that. 
I shook off the cobwebs of sleep and reached for the sheet, which tangled around my waist. He clamped my wrist with one hand and covered my mouth with the other. I struggled, suspecting his intention. His weight suffocated me and I panicked. I screamed into his palm when he pierced me, tearing away my innocence, leaving me dazed and in pain. 
Yvette lay dead to the world while Daddy raped me. 
Why had he done this awful thing to me? 
I curled into a ball, shaking from his assault and the chilly night air. My thoughts spun in different directions and then wound together like threads on a ball of yarn. 
Suddenly, I understood the way he'd looked at me over the past months since I had turned twelve. I'd catch him watching me from the verandah as I moved around the yard doing my chores. His gaze made me feel as though a colony of six-legged insects were crawling between my skin and flesh. But I’d ignored my instincts. This was Daddy, after all. 
After that, Daddy came at least once each week. Yvette never woke and I bore my pain alone. 
Daddy continued to have sex with me until I was sixteen and my belly started growing. 
By then, I was sure Miss Delia knew what was going on. I saw it in the way she looked at me. Her gaze carried a mixture of disgust and pity, but she didn't care enough to rescue me from my father. I hated her cowardice, but remained respectful as I was living under her roof. 
One morning, she came to my room just before I put on my uniform, which had gotten tight. Without a word, she kneaded my belly and breasts. She groaned, as though in pain, but gave no explanation for her actions.
I had felt the changes in my body but hoped I was wrong about what was happening to me. 
Giving up the Dream is free to download. Don’t Get Mad…Get Even is also available at Smashwords.  

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  1. I am always pleasantlysurprised by how J.L uses a few words to paint vivid pictures and normally I am left in fits of laughter. Today I find the picture not only stark and vivid but also disturbing, frightfully so.

  2. Hey, Wendy. Thanks for having me! This one was painful to write and it gets worse.

  3. I totally agree with you, Wendy, about J.L.'s gift for painting vivid pictures with few words. A tough subject to write about, but skillfully handled. Thanks for sharing this, J.L.

    And heeey, I see a familiar book cover in the sidebar here under Great Deals. :) You're too good to me!

  4. Thanks for dropping in, Nicki.


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