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Sep 1, 2011

My Name is Talli and I Love Chick Lit

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  12:21 AM

Talli Roland is in the spotlight  with her new
chic lit novel Watching Willow Watts to
be launched September 14th.Take it away Talli.

Chick lit. Even the label sounds derisive, doesn’t it – as if it’s a genre only good for funny tales of high heels and cupcakes. Well, I like cupcakes. I like high heels. And there’s nothing wrong with a bit of a laugh!

But there’s more to chick lit than sweetness and light. Between the pink covers are tales of strong, modern, independent women with ambition and wit.  And while chick lit – or romantic comedy, or light women’s fiction, or whatever you want to call it – books may not be in the running for the next Nobel Prize, they are fast-paced and relevant reads.

Like many writers, I studied English Literature at school, slogging my way through the great tomes – and flying through authors such as Sophie Kinsella in my down time. I was supposed to be awed by the mastery of the world’s greatest writers, but instead I was just counting the minutes until I could get back to my chick lit.  That was what I connected with; what was relevant to my world. When it came time to choose my genre as a novelist, there was only one choice.

To celebrate my chosen genre and the launch of my next novel, Watching Willow Watts, I’m holding an online party September 14th. To be a part of the fun, hop over here to sign up or just drop by on the day! It’s a great way to meet other bloggers, too – and get some virtual cake and champers.

I’m Talli Roland, and I’m proud to write chick lit!

About the Author

Most know me as the author to Fabulosity Reads and in actual fact, that is the previous name of this blog. I have since then moved my books to a Wordpress self-hosted blog so that I can have a place to show a different side of me which I am equally passionate about and that is marketing and personal development. I hope you will love being here, watching me grow as I share and learn. My highest hope is that we will grown and learn together in all disciplines affecting our lives. I'd LUUURRRVE to hear from you, so don't be shy...


  1. Yay! Thank you so much for hosting me - I'm thrilled to be a guest here!

  2. Fab post, and three cheers for chick lit! Mx

  3. *clapping* I LOVE CHICK-LIT!!! I love reading chick-lit because the heroine has such a great change that does show her strength and love for friends/family and still look good doing it!!

  4. I love Chick Lit too and Watching Willow Watts is a really great read that I would recommend to all Chick Lit fans x

  5. Tonya, YAY for chick lit! That's exactly why I love it.

    Nikki, thank you loads. You know how happy I am that you enjoyed it! :)

  6. And you look fabulous, Talli! Big ole smile coming your way ...

  7. Great comments, Talli. I feel the same way about reading the classics--I like them, but I really just want to get back to my chosen genre :) And I'm proud you write chick lit, too!

  8. And you should be proud, Talli!

  9. Strong men and women can make any story great, no matter the genre. Love your philosophy, Talli.

  10. Chic lit is what started me off as a reader. I love it...

  11. Thanks so much for dropping by and for the lovely comments! Long live chick lit!

  12. Hi, Wendy and Talli,

    I keep wanting to write about what I do and being proud of it. The idea first came to me when I read Liz Fichera's interview on Talli's blog and here it is again - why we write what we do and I still haven't written it yet. Talli's good at what she does, so yeah. You rock on!

    Have a great weekend, guys!

  13. Hurrah for Talli. I'm Laura Bambrey and I'm a proud reader of Tali's chick lit! ;)

  14. I enjoy my classics, but I gravitate mostly toward contemporary stories (and write contemporary stories) because that's the world I live in. I love a good chick lit book, too!

  15. I adore Talli! She's an awesome blogger. :-)

  16. That she is Sharon.
    Thanks for coming by Heather and I definitely want to look up your contemporary works.

  17. Great manifesto! I'm a fellow campaigner from your paranormal group and I just wanted to pop in and say hello! Love this post!


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