This blog is moving, but will be re-branded as my personal blog.

This blog is moving, but will be re-branded as my personal blog.
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Oct 31, 2011

Call me Princess

Author:    Sara Bleadel
Series:      N 
Genre:      Crime
Publisher: Pegasus (August 15, 2011)

A young woman in Copenhagen, Susanne Hansson, becomes the victim of an unusually brutal rape attack in her own home. Detective Inspector Louise Rick is summoned to talk to the victim, where she quickly determines that Susanne met the rapist via a dating website, a fact that Susanne shamefully tries to hide, especially from her domineering mother.

In the meantime Louise becomes more and more immersed in the online dating world. In her search she comes across the web site "," which allows her to upload images that show people out in the night-time scene and who they're with. She finds a picture of the man, who is now calling himself "Prinzz." She contacts him using the name "Princess," and they agree to meet....;.Netgalley

  • Louise Rick is a detective assigned to solve a case of rapes and murder committed by an online dating sociopath. 
  • No other character stands out enough to get a mention as a compelling influence.
  • Despite the very slow start, towards the middle things started picking up pace and by the end I was really into it. 
  • The police and crime scene procedure were solid and reflected good research.
  • The plot was entertaining as the author kept me guessing with the clues she kept throwing in.
  • The MC is a believable character and I like the way she was portrayed as a whole person, things not only about work but there was her home life and had a dodgy boyfriend (whom by the way I thought might be the suspect at some point) and a "parasitic" bestfriend in the mix. 
  • Even though I ended up enjoying following the story, i had a really hard time connecting with the characters. Nothing really rang true, not the work relationships with, for example, the fame seeking police chief or on the personal side the relationship with the best friend which just felt lukewarm and self serving on the best-friend "Camilla's" part. The victim I almost felt something for was the one we read about in the book description.
  • I felt some important areas were glossed over and other mundane things got too much attention, specially at the beginning where there were too many going ons about simple daily routines and tasks. Where I thought things were rushed was for example where the MC's relationship with Susan the victim was growing steadily and we got to know her. But then we're left in the dark with regards to what happens to her after the incident that leads to the perps capture or the fact that Camilla's involvement with the perps family lead to the showdown, I felt this was downplayed.
  • I really got irritated with the amount of time the F-word got used and it just didn't feel natural in the way that it was used. I especially noted that in the first part of the book it wasn't used until the police chief started in the second bit. By the third section it felt like I was reading it on every third or fourth sentence. I did not enjoy the excessive use of it.
  • Gramma and spelling errors could be due to the fact that this was an ARC copy and a translated one as well.
  • That book cover really bothers me because I don't see the connection between it and the story, but that could be owing to my lack of imagination
I'm really torn over this book because on the one hand I enjoyed the plot but when it came to building report between the characters and the reader, it fell flat for me. So I give it an "i'm sitting on the fence" kind of  rating because it is a nice easy read.

Note: I recieved this ARC from The NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you NetGalley and Pegasus Publishers.


  1. Yes. definitely. I know the bad bits look like they outweigh the good in the review but in the end it really is nice, its just hard to ignore all the other huddles you come across.


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