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Oct 20, 2011

J.L Campbell On WiP Thursday

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  1:13 PM

This snippet comes from the novel Distraction will be out late this year. It’s a story about three women, the choices they make and the results that come from their actions. This story is close to my heart because it made me think about all the things women are supposed to be – wife, mother, breadwinner, confidant, Rock of Gibraltar. Sometimes, being all those things come at a high price. 


Clumsy in her haste, she got the key in the lock and opened the door to the room assigned to her. In a few moments, their eyes adjusted to the darkness and then they were in bed, unmindful of their rough treatment of each other.  Their entire focus for the next twenty minutes was the satisfaction they found with each other.  
She curled into his sweat soaked body, losing all sense of reality.  When his weight threatened to numb her leg, she pushed at him, disappointment setting in her belly.    
Hadn’t she sanctimoniously told him they shouldn’t, only to drag him to her lair and devour him like a female praying mantis?  The only consolation was that he was as willing as she.  Even as her thoughts threatened to drown her, she wanted him again.  His cheek moved against her collarbone, abrasive against her skin, raising a trail of goose bumps.  She groaned into his hair, helpless to say no to what was sure to happen once more.  
The reality of the madness between them struck while she carried out a frantic search for the key.  They flipped all the lights on, looking everywhere in their quest to lock up.   She gave up, only to be horrified by the sight of the key hanging in the lock when they stood outside.  She looked up and down the corridor, forgetting that situated as it was at the back of the building, only the night watchman had any reason to venture there.  
At the door to her office, she got another shock.  In her haste to have sex with Xavier, she had pulled the door closed, but hadn’t locked it.  When she gasped, Xavier understood she was upset and tried to hug her.  She pushed him away and moved to stand behind her desk.  With tears in her eyes, she spoke.  “You see why this has to end?”
He slid his hands into the pocket of his jeans and looked at his shoes.  After standing there in silence, he sighed, picked up his keys off the front of the desk and walked away.  At the door, he faced her and before he shut it behind him, he said.  “I do.” 
Refusing to think about what she’d done, Justine picked up her handbag, secured the office, and went to sit in her car.  
All her life, she’d walked the predictable path.  She had been with one man before Milton and lived vicariously through her girlfriends, until now.  What was it about Xavier that made her forget everything and follow where her emotions led?

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  1. Sometimes the wrong man is the right one and sometimes he's just wrong.

    But wrong can be fun...and dangerous.



  2. Bad boys can be very good in a very bad way.
    Really j.l, like a female preying mantis. That gave me such a chuckle.

  3. Sounds like Justine needs Jesus:)

  4. Toyin, Justin travels down a forbidden path and has to learn from her mistakes. Thanks for having a read.


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