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Nov 2, 2011

Discussion: Do You Keep Reading Even If You Not Loving It?

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  6:04 AM

I don’t know what that X factor is that a writer must have to infuse in their books or the technique to apply that will make their book captivating but having read four Tess Gerrisen novels amongst other things in the last six weeks I’ve been wondering about this.
You may see the number four and think I read them out of enjoyment but it was more out of tenacity, hope and boredom.

  • Tenacity because even though I know there are millions of great books out there, I have this nasty habit of not being able to give up on a book once I start. I’m a complete martyr which is really stupid. Tess Gerrison is really big back home and comes on radio book shows every time she releases a book, I even started thinking she lived in South Africa once since she’s around so much. So subconsciously I think I started being a fan without even reading her books. I suspect this also encouraged  my “hanging on”syndrome.
  • Hope because just before I left South Africa I bought six of her books plus a few other authors for something to read while my books we on the ship and those titles are:  Call After Midnight, In Their Footsteps, Never Say Die, Whistle Blower, Stolen and The Surgeon. I’ve completed the first four. The reason I say I read them out of hope is because I kept hoping that the next book would redeem the last. I just find her writing the same in each book, even the scenes at times seem borrowed from book to book. You know like she ran out of ideas for how to get the character out of a situation so she uses the same strategy as in the last book, which if you read the books in sequens as I did, you pick up. Coupled with the sloppy romantic theme in the background it was just too much. Anyway until book four I kept hoping that the reason for the hoopla and fame would manifest itself and then it dorned on me that this might never happen. Perhaps not because she’s a horrible writer because her reputation says otherwise, but maybe I’ve outgrown her kind of crime fiction. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is about it that I’ve outgrown, it can’t just be because I prefer more gruesome in a crime novel as I’m quite enjoying Sherlocke Holmes’ Hounds of Baskerville even as I speak and I think if I had the time, i would enjoy Sidney Sheldon again whom I think has the same kind of light crime element and whom I really enjoyed in teens and very early twenties. 
  • Boredom, this kind of goes with tenacity, sometimes I just get bored and tired of reading from these gadgets:  iPad,  iPhone, laptop, etc, so I just drop them in favour of a real book because I do prefer hard print. So even though my reading choices were minimal and I have eBooks aplenty, there were moments where I just longed to flip through pages and I’d abandon all else for that.  

So I ask you:
Have you every had this experience with an author or am I just a nut job?
Have you read Stolen and The Surgeon? How did you find them? Do you think they are worth reading?  (You see I do think I’m nutty _still considering continuing.)
Oh and how do you feel about writers endorsing each others work? (I keep coming across Harlan Coben’s comments on these books saying how awesome they are and I must say I now find him also questionable. I was planning on reading him next but now I think I need some motivation.) 

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  1. I do keep reading because even if I'm not enjoying a book, I hate the thought of not finishing it!

    Some books are a hard trek though... for me it all comes down to the writing and how well the story is being told. I do love most books though!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  2. I'm the exact same Megan, even when I try never to go back I'll find myself going back again in the distance future if not immediately.
    Thank God that those kind of books are few and far between.

  3. Sometimes I plow on through especially if it I as reading it for a reason (school, book club) but other times I just quit it.

    The last novel I made myself finish was Twilight. Yeah I know, everyone loves it. I didn't. Made me want to call the author up and have a long conversation about pacing, sentence tags and repeating descriptive passages.


  4. Now Tirz, the only reason it drove you nuts is coz you is a writer. You know all about them terms and techniques. The clueless reader such as yours truly was only concerned with them vampires which sparkled at any given moment and THAT I found egregiously disrespectful to Dracula and his descendents. I finished that series too by the way, even though I had to slog through some of the books towards the end.

  5. I find that about 65% of other writers had issues with that book and only about 12% of regular readers did. :)



  6. There you go, you read books with an experts eye. Whereas a regular reader only look for entertainment and grammatic accuracy most of the time.

  7. Sometimes it will take me a really long time to finish a book. Some I just haven't I was never able to get past chapter 1 of the House of Seven Gables. There's two other books I didn't finish and don't intend to. One just bored me. The other, the writing is good, but it often strayed off focus. I wasn't sure what it was about anymore after a point. The main plot was lost. If the writer learns to stay on target, she has talent.

  8. I used to power through no matter what, but I've started to give up now and move on to something new. My reading time is precious, so I like to make sure I'm enjoying every second.

  9. Ya know, there are so many good book out there, that I stop punishing myself with trying to finish the ones I can't get through. I may come back and test read them again later, but I think I've outgrown the guilt I feel over not being able to finish a book. Haven't read any by Gerritsen yet.

  10. I have to work on the getting over it bit. really. There is no point to it all.


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