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Nov 22, 2011

Interview: Writing House Of Diamonds by Karen Jones Gowen

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  3:48 AM

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reviewing House Of Diamonds by Karen Jones Gowen. To help her celebrate the eBook today launch I decided to post a brief interview I had with her about the House Of Diamonds today rather than Wednesday which is my scheduled day for interviews. This post will be up on Wednesday as well for good measure :). So if you came here for a newsflash or to see What's In the Mial I apologise. But take heart, this is for a good course.                           I also want to thank Karen for agreeing to come over for a  chat at Fabulosity again. Its always such a pleasure having her here and it is even more so this time when its to talk about her wonderful book House of Diamonds.

So without wasting time, let;s "hear" what Karen has to say:
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I have not as yet read Uncut Diamonds, the first in the series of the Diamond books, but I was wondering how you experienced writing House Of Diamonds as opposed to the former?
It took me 10 years to write Uncut Diamonds, because it went through so many changes until I felt satisfied with it. House of Diamonds I wrote in a few months, with editing beyond that. 

Were there things that you found improved when you wrote the second Novel?
In my first novel I wasn't sure what story I wanted to tell, other than how a young married couple thinks everything will be so perfect and then one thing after another goes wrong and puts pressure on the marriage. How people survive and even grow stronger during these trials was my theme, and the story grew around that theme. 

In House of Diamonds, I already had the story: what happens with Cindy's baby, and what happens with Marcie as she joins the local writing group. And the themes developed from these two stories. Personally, I like beginning with a story better! It made the writing easier.

For me this work of Literary Fiction is unique in that I have not come across a series in this genre very often and I was wondering if you had planned for this to be a series from the first book or did it evolve into it?
The stories and plot lines in the two books aren't connected, so a reader wouldn't have to read Uncut Diamonds first. But since I use the same characters who progress in their lives from one book to the other, I guess it's like a series. Originally I had planned on doing 4 books altogether, but Uncut Diamonds ended up combining 2 books. I'm not sure if I'll write another one after this. I have a draft done, where the McGills move to California, but not sure if or when I'll finish it.

What part of House of Diamond is close to your heart and did you find most joy in writing?
I should say the story about Cindy and baby Jordan, but unfortunately I'm callous and heartless and so I most enjoyed writing the JAW meeting sections. Regina's story about the murder mystery was based on an outline I'd done and started. After I realized I didn't really want to develop it into a book, I plugged it into the storyline as Regina's manuscript-- and I just love how that all came together.

Personally I am intrigued and amused by the Professor Yardley character, I wonder which  of your characters held your interest in a peculiar manner.
I have to say that like Marcie herself, I became somewhat obsessed with Regina Flavish, the fact that she was so devoted and focused on her writing. I kept wanting to make Regina a stronger character rather than a side character and wasn't able to, although she does show up a lot in Marcie's thoughts. Marcie almost has a kind of girl crush on Regina.

Is there any particular milestone you feel you have achieved as a writer in this novel?
Since Uncut Diamonds was more character-driven than plot-driven, I wanted to make this one stronger in plot. I kept focusing on story structure and plot points as I worked, and I think that helped me keep the plot lines strong. 
Karen thank you so much for your time. I loved your book and I think one would be amiss in not adding it to their pile this Christmas. I have hopes of success beyond measure for House Of Diamonds.

Dear Reader:
You can get your copy of House Of Diamonds in the following ways:
Preorder print book House of Diamonds from the publisher's website and get Uncut Diamonds for free!  
House of Diamonds for the Kindle or for the Nook.
House of Diamonds also now available on the new online bookstore,, in all formats.

For the House of Diamonds and other book reviews by Wendy @ fabulosity Reads please go to my Book Review Page.

Thanks for coming by and happy reading! 

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  1. Thanks for interviewing Karen G. here. Her book sounds lovely. I think that happens to a lot of us with our first novels--we don't know what direction we're going. Sometimes not even what genre it will be. Sequels are easier in that sense. Harder in others. But it sounds as if she's mastered the problems. And what a gorgeous cover.

  2. I love that cover too Anne. Thanks for coming by.

  3. KarenG! Callous, heartless??? JAMAIS!!!You're fab!! Yay!

    Thanks for the interview Wendy!! Take care

  4. Great interview! The cover of the book is lovely.

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  5. Thanks for hosting me again, Wendy, so fun to be here and share my secrets. Here's another one since several have mentioned the cover: I like this cover better than the first one :)

  6. I think it's wonderful when you can read a 2nd book without reading the 1st one before. It makes it better for you as an author - you can find more readers without worrying about building from the first. And if readers of the 2nd book want to know more, they can go to the "prequel".

  7. Sounds like Karen's got quite an interesting cast of characters.

  8. Great interview! I have ordered my copy and can't wait to get reading. :-)

  9. Another good interview -- HOUSE OF DIAMONDS is moving up my (sadly huge) TBR pile! And that really is a lovely cover. :)

  10. I loved this interview. Just the title is a grabber, and the cover is wonderful. Like Linda G., this book will join my own TBR pile.

  11. Thank you Wendy for the opportunity to appear on your blog, and thanks for the encouraging comments from everyone!

    I do have one little request though, and this is really embarrassing, but I got the name of my favorite character Rowena Flavish wrong (I blame Thanksgiving stress). I'm wondering if you can change it for me, Wendy? She's not Regina, but Rowena, and since you read the book you might have wondered about that but were too polite to question me.


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