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Nov 17, 2011

Lunch Date by Laura Brambrey

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:18 AM

Love by any other name........#6
When I read the comments for this story on Chick Lit Love I noted that all the writers saw the beginnings of a sinister plot in the works. Something to do with stalkings and mass murdererers but I, only a reader and romantic saw the most romantic way to get your admired to lunch with you. This guy has most probably been pining for this lady for ages or they've been flirting for a while but no one ever said anything out loud. You see now I have all sorts of romantic movies floating in my head. I think this would be a great romantic work. 

Lunch Date
by Laura Bambrey @ Chick Lit Love  

‘But I didn’t order anything,’ Mia grumbled, staring at the little brown package.
‘It’s got your name on it, someone must have ordered you lunch – please just sign for it, my van’s blocking the high street!’ The delivery man thrust the packet onto her desk, rammed his little machine at her and practically forced a signature from her before scuttling back out of the shop.
Mia sighed. She hated Fridays on the shop floor. It was always so busy that she didn’t dare take a proper break, leaving her hapless young member of staff fighting the market day shoppers. She tended to just ram in some stale sarnies whilst stood in the shop’s ratty little kitchen. But she certainly didn’t ever bother ordering in from any of these over-priced gourmet snacks companies. What was wrong with lumpy corned-beef sandwiches?

Waving at the girl behind the counter, she nipped out into the kitchen and stared at the offending pack in front of her. Perhaps it was just a gimmick to get the company trade. Fine – it would make a good pudding. Flicking on the kettle, she took a knife, sliced through the seal and lifted the lid.

No nuts. No dried fruit or chocolate. Just a walky-talky. A walky-talky that was talking to her.
‘Come in?! Come in?!”
Mia’s eyebrows shot up. ‘What the…’
            ‘Mia? Come in?’
Mia reached into the box and gingerly lifted the gadget. On its side was a button with a hand-written sticker that read ‘press me’. She pressed the button.
‘Who… erm… hullo?’ she stuttered
‘Leave the shop. Turn left and straight left again.’
Mia pressed her button again. ‘Why? Who is this?’
No reply.
She marched back onto the shop-floor.
            ‘Do you know anything about this?!” she demanded, interrupting her member of staff mid sales-patter.
            The girl shook her head, staring at the walky-talky, wide eyed.
            ‘What’s taking you so long?’ demanded the little gadget.

Mia shot out of the shop. Turned left and left again, into a little cobbled alleyway. At the end of which stood a little picnic table. As there was no one and nothing else to look at, she approached the table slowly. It was set for two – gingham table cloth, cakes, pastries and crusty bread and butter. On one plate sat a card marked ‘Mia’. The other was empty.

Her walky-talky crackled again. ‘Just getting the wine. Take a seat.’

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  1. Aww, I'm with you on the romantic route. :)

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  3. Hi Laura. Yay, I recognise this. Great story!


  4. This is cute, but I want to know what happens next! :)

  5. So do I Trisha.
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