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Nov 11, 2011

Poetry: Eve's Prison by Tirzah Goodwin

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  10:29 AM

Many of us know that one of Tirzah's talents is her way with words. Why just last weekend I read such an eerily entertaining short story Glazed on her blog: A Clever Whatever. If you haven't seen it do yourself a favour. And of course the other feather in her illustrious hat is that she is a poet which I personally think is an angle she greatly under represents. I've been going through a collection of her poems published as Love and Lighter Fluid which to me is proof of the wonderfully talented poet she is.

Tirz’s poetry I find to always be in the moment, very often laced with her characteristic witty twists, self deprecating humour and sometimes, just sometimes with a sting that reminds you that her poetry is less about dreams than in is about life as seen through her eyes.
Below is one of her poems that grabbed my attention as soon as I opened her book and I hope you enjoy it too.
I have another posted at Fabulosity Nouveau for this weekend called: What Is A Miracle from her Social Consciousness and Other Afflictions section of the same book. I hope you check it out. 
I'm also hoping to twist Tirz's arm to let me publish her poems here again....

Thanks Tirz for your brilliant work!


Eden’s Prison

If I could have loved you...
I would have been your Eve,
lavished you in harvest apples,
tempted you with willing flesh.

I'd have clipped the damn coupons,
shopped with your idiot sister,
agreed with your misinformed mother,
and we might have danced--
wild, dirty salsa dancing,
laughing while we fooled around in the rain.

But we fell apart--
puddled in the street like melted rainbows,
the colors all muddied with ordinary life.
Instead of loving you,
I crave the reptilian beauty of the snake.
It's the walls of my safe garden I hate.

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  1. Tirz, Tirz, Tirz!

    Blew me away with those last three lines... I owe you something. A dance or a flower...Okay, you don't like flowers (I forget). A dance, then.

    Or something else. ***wink. You'll see.


    Sochi (Twitter: @a_iki)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. DAGGGG, but I'm missing the connection with the title and the words. re-read. Got it!! like!!

  4. My take on Adam and Eve. This was written in my 20's. Ordinary life does get in the way of romance...the snake can seem so exciting when you are stuck in a garden.

    And it's even worse--if the guy is nice. You want to love him and if you loved him--all that petty stuff wouldn't matter. But you don't love him enough and you feel so suffocated.

    I think a lot of women feel this way when they date a guy they like, really like but just don't love.

    But I digress.

    Thank you SO MUCH WENDY for reading my poetry book. I love you for it.


  5. Thank you for allowing me to post your poems Tirzah, lovin you right back.


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