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Nov 28, 2011

Three Daves by Nicki Elson

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:08 AM

Author:    Nicki Elson
Series:      N
Genre:      Romantic Fiction
Publisher: Omnific Publishing (February 2010)


It’s the eighties and Jennifer thinks her virginity is an Achilles’ heel.  She doesn’t want to be the college tramp but thinks a little experience will definitely stand her in good stead when she meets her future husband. She elicits her good friend Dave (the first David) to help her “ not be a virgin” anymore.

  • Jennifer (Jen) Whitney is the MC whose love and college life we get to enjoy with her.
  • David, her best  friend (broody boy)  is a her unrequited  love interest (or so she thinks).
  • Dave a bad boy boyfriend. Everyone needs one of those in their checkered past like they need an STI/D right?
  • Big D, is the total opposite of bad boy Dave. Every soccer mom’s dream for a son in law (oh and he comes with a meatloaf sized appendage that Jennifer thankfully never gets to sample).
  • This novel has great entertainment. College antics and the drama of young love was told with such emotion I couldn't help but smile, laugh and even cry with Jennifer and her friends. I also liked that the pace never wavered, the characters just kept you turning the pages.
  • The story line is very believable. I could imagine that the writer drew from her experience as well in writing this novel.  There are great descriptions of campus life and the party scenes are very realistic. My favourite being the girls getaway at the beach side resort.  I was also pleased by how Nicki managed to keep Jen and her friends “innocent” and whole in the  midst of all the mayhem. Not all college students come away from that experience as damaged goods.
  • I was really surprised by the twists in the plot, such as how Jen executes her plan to lose her virginity. I especially loved how that came together at the end, very sweet and “they lived happily ever after” like.
  • I was really baffled by the relationship with Big D and I felt like there was no closure there for the reader. Big D starts of as the perfect boyfriend. But then things start going odd quite late in the relationship with him being possessive and at time you get the idea that he might be aggro too later on. Jen  starts being secretive when she wants to be explore, such as hiding from him the fact that she shared her first marijuana "spiff" with his younger brother. The thing is you feel like things are gonna come to a head, as they did with badboy Dave but they never do. The reason she leaves him has nothing (or very little to do) with the change in his behaviour (if I told you the epiphany that leads to Jen to initiate this breakup then I’ll really be spoiling things). So why was he developed to have this nasty possessive streak? I’m still a little baffled.
  • I was also quite ambivalent about the continues use of the Psalms at the end of every chapter. There were one or two chapters that I felt they made a great fit and had relevance but the rest got a bit much for me even though I enjoyed reading the scriptures for reasons not associate's with the book. 

This was a lovely read and I enjoyed the bits about the 80’s that I never got to see. It’s also great that this was a story more about love, friendship, betrayal and forgiveness rather than the decade. My gut feel is that this book falls just short of 4 stars for me. It really has some awesome moments and therefore cannot simply be a 3. Since I don't have a half or three quarter star, I will give it the four.

  • I bought this book for personal reading and review purpose and you can find it on Amazon.
  • If you interesting reading more of my reviews then click HERE.

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  1. I grew up in the 80's and just can't stand reading about it in books. I don't know why. Every book reminds me of a John Hughes films.

    This is one I might give as a gift but wouldn't read myself.


  2. Sounds interesting...might buy it on a whim as I enjoy other genres like Sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers more.

  3. Rekha don't forget to use my store when you do buy it. I love fantasy as well with suspense thrillers a very close second. but its nice to check out what's happening elsewhere now and again as well.

  4. Hey! Thanks for the review. :) I'm happy you found it to be so enjoyable.

    Haha, yes, it does indeed look like I picked a good topic for my guest post...not sure if it clears it up for you, but I'm always happy to discuss further, if you like. As well as your take on D.

    Want to hear something funny, ladies? I usually prefer fantasy too! But it was also fun to turn reality into fiction.

    Wendy, I like today's post at Fabulosity Galore too and just tweeted. ;)

  5. I was really interested in your review of Three Daves, Wendy. I enjoyed Nicki's writing style and really liked the main character, Jennifer. I agree that the Spring Break scenes were my favorite as well, and the whole college scene was very realistic! I want to read more by Nicki, but whew! some of the "how-to" chapters were more than steamy! Which reminds me I never posted my review to Goodreads. Will do that now!

  6. I thought this story was quite realistic as well, and I loved Jen and David. Good point about Big D's personality change being a bit strange. I like the format of your review with the bullet points at the beginning--easy to follow!

  7. Now that I come to think of it, I do think we should explore that Big D topic further Nicki. I see that Jennifer is also a little curious about that.

    Jennifer thank you for that compliment. This is one place i try to not have as chaotic as the rest of my life.

  8. Sure, Wendy, sounds like a great idea. ;) I haven’t had other readers raise those issues about Big D, so it’s been fun to analyze him from that angle.

    It wasn’t so much a change in his personality as a change in the reader’s perception of him as the story went along – just like Jen’s perception was growing and mutating as their relationship progressed. There were signs of his controlling tendencies early on, like the yard party when he disapproved of Jen teasing the poor pledge. Even him calling frequently and vowing to drive out to Springfield the very next day if she didn’t come back to campus had to do with his possessive nature. But in the early flush of the relationship, Jen saw those things more as sweet & thoughtful (and that is mostly what they were) – so that’s how the reader sees it too. As we get to know him better, more of his flaws come out.

    Also, as their relationship progressed, he got more serious about her, leading him to be more possessive. Regarding that characteristic – it’s a tendency rather than a hint of something deeper and more sinister. My experience has been that lots of guys get a little possessive and (at least attempt to be) somewhat controlling when it comes to their girl, and that’s all it was with him. He wouldn’t have eventually locked her in a cage or anything. Also, if she would’ve stood up for herself more, I’m sure he would’ve lightened up, but she didn’t want to rock the “perfect” boat they were in – or admit to herself that it wasn’t perfect - so she let him get away with it.

    Things came to a head between Jen and Big D, but in a quieter way than they did with Dave. There wasn’t a single factor in the break-up to warrant a blowout, just an overall gut feeling by Jen that they weren’t right for each other.

    Okay, this comment's quite long enough - I'll shut up now. Oh, but one more thing - in case you didn't know, Wendy, Jennifer Lane has a couple books out and one on the way that you might be interested in for review!

  9. Looking at it this way I can see what you mean and you're right Nicki. I do recall all these little hints that I overlooked because i was also in the new relationship "rapture" with Jen. LOL _I actually remember how irritated I was with him in that hospital situation with his treatment of David.
    Oh and that nickname that Dave gave David, (Vid) that was so eighties i nearly rolled my eyes.How did you ever come up with that. It made me think that that's probably what one of the band member of WHAM was called. LOL
    I'll be on the look out for Jennifer's books. thanks for letting me know.

  10. Hey there! Haha, glad to know you were in the "rapture" along with Jen...sorry to then later have to break your heart.

    Vid! Yeah, that should've been a pretty good clue for Jen, eh? Dave just seemed like the type to dole out a nickname for everyone, and since his world centered around him just seemed he'd keep the Dave and leave David w/ the Vid. Plus I had some idiot guy friends who doled out nicknames like that all the time, so I'm sorry to say it just sort of popped into my head.

    Man, I used to have a WHAM T-shirt, why oh wy didn't I hang onto that? Heehee. :) This has been very fun.


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