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Dec 26, 2011

Caught In The Middle by Nancy Brothy: Book Review

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:42 AM

Author:    Nancy Brothy
Series:     N
Genre:      Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Nancy Brophy (April 1, 2011)

Hard driving caterer Dori Connors finds herself in trouble when she allows Detective Matthews and his partner to work undercover at a party. When the host is arrested for a series of thefts, Dori's ex-husband, now the Assistant Commissioner of Police is intent upon seeing Dori included in the arrests.
Justice is a slippery slope. Grant Matthews suspects Dori is being railroaded by her ex. He works to uncover the truth. While he is attracted to the woman, he can't spare the time away from his sick daughter.
Grant may be drool-worthy, but he's a cop. Dori's experiences with the long arm of the law have left her bruised and battered.
As usual, fate has the last laugh.

  • Grant is a totally gorgeous police detctive and he is also the signle father of a little 3 year old battling with leukemia.
  • Dori is a divorcee once married to a high ranking officer responsible for her deep prejudice against the police force.
  • I loved Nancy’s main characters. Especially that they were a mature couple and the woman happened to be older. They make such a lovely change from the prevalent train of YA characters currently dominating writing.
  • Its a really heartfelt love story that is not only entertaining but is also believable in its depiction of the dilemmas which face the more mature individual who has had significant life experiences such as the death of a spouse, divorce and children.
  • You can’t help but love the ballsy, buxomly female lead. I loved her sense of humour and strength, she’s a sexy forty something year old.
  • I was tickled by Nancy’s writing on many occasions. One of my favourite quotes is  from the male leads thoughts: She was a woman who let a man know exactly where he stood. Currently he was on friend’s corner, which was just down the street from nice guy avenue and a hair-breath away from the rapid current of the platonic river, where relationships that never made it went to die.
  • I was really entertained almost all the way through and had it had an exciting ending, I would have given Caught in the middle a four rating. As it is, I found the last chapters lovely but predictable. 
Looking for an easy, engaging read this holiday? This is it. Nancy's Caught In The Middle is fun, smart and full of action. A worthwhile read.

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  • I reviewed this book on request from the author: Nancy Brothy.
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  1. Sounds like an interesting plot! Those dastardly ex-husbands. And I do like men in uniform. ;)

  2. Thanks for joining the Versatile Challenge, Wendy.
    The theme is Nigerian Author. the book you choose must be written by an Nigerian author. I make recommends but participates can choose their own.

  3. Sounds like a sweet book. I love the quote you shared - pretty pithy. ^_^

    How was Christmas?

  4. It is a sweet book and those men in uniform really are somethin'. I loved it.


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