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Jan 15, 2012

Daddy's Girl by Margie Orford: Book Review

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  1:00 PM

Author:    Margie Orford
Series:     N
Genre:      Crime Fiction
Publisher: Corvus (March 2011)

Friday evening
A deserted street below Table Mountain.
A six-year-old ballerina waits alone for her mother to fetch her…

Riedwaan paused at the map, tracing the lines back to the evidence summaries that Clare Hart had made for each of the little girls. The abbreviated lives, the sparse detail. Name, date of birth, date and cause of death.
Yasmin there too. Not yet marked as dead.
‘It’s been more than seventy-two hours. If she wasn’t mine, I’d recognise this for what it is,’ he said. ‘A murder investigation.’

Captain Riedwaan Faizal is a member of Cape Town’s elite Gang Unit. Tough and streetwise, he is used to being a target. But when the danger of his anti-gang war envelops his only daughter and he becomes the prime suspect in her abduction, there is little he can do.
He turns to Dr Clare Hart, Investigative journalist turned profiler. She is sceptical of Riedwaan Faizal, but she knows only too well what happens when little girls  are abducted. Against her better judgement, she agrees to help look for Yasmin.
Their desperate search for the missing child, whose chances of survival diminish with each hour, unravels a web of deception and danger that puts all their lives at terrible risk.

  • Captain Riedwaan Faizal is a member of Cape Town’s elite Gang Unit. Tough and streetwise, he is used to being a target.
  • Dr Clare Hart, Investigative journalist turned profiler. She is sceptical of Riedwaan Faizal, but she knows only too well what happens when little girls are abducted.
  • Yasmin Riedwaan is the little girl abducted outside of her ballet class in a Cape Town neighbourhood.
  • I enjoyed reading Daddy’s girl even though the premise is so incredibly dark and undeniably real. It is one of the most moving books for any parent to read about one of the biggest fears of a parent coming true. I dreaded reading it for so long but but having worked up the courage i can truly say I did not regret it one bit. The story is gripping, entertaining, suspenseful with original dialogue. 
  • I also found the factual accuracy refreshing.  She builds the story around the Cape Flats which are notorious for gang and drug related violence. I come from Cape Town and I was really amazed by how knowledgeable the author is of both the area and the relationship between the civilians, gangs and police.  I guess this is where her journalism career pays off in her writing.
  • One of the lovely things in this book is that even though its an almost (but not quite) gruesome crime story, there is a love story developing so far in the back in the background that you have no idea it is happening. As you read you are hardly aware of it because of unfolding events  but at the back of your mind you wish it to be even though the odds are against it. 
  • One of the things I really loved was the inclusion of the Cape Coloured Afrikaans dialect. If you don’t know the language this may impede you reading experience. I wish the book had a  glossary section fitted in somewhere because this is one of the best features of the book. 
  • Right at the beginning the there is briefing session at the station and I had a difficulty following the conversation because it felt like the sentences were clipped I suppose as a result of the use police jargon which I’m not familiar with. 
  • At the end I had questions with regards to unexplained agendas that I felt had they been addressed would have resulted in a richer story. For instance I still have no idea why the minister got so involved if she was only going to disappear back to the Capital when things did not have the bad ending she was hoping for. Also why she was not held accountable for her interference with the police or at least explains her manipulation so the purpose explains all the energy she put in the case?
This is the first book I’ve read by Margie Orford and I’m looking forward to others of hers. Her plots are spectacular and her characters believable. She knows how to tell a good story. I loved Daddy’s Girl.



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  1. Compliments and the best of new year. Hey, Wendy, I'm still fatiqued and lazy to read. I'm working on a working recovery plan. Any antidote for this syndrome?

    Morgan Phaahla, Ekurhuleni

  2. Seem too dark for me. I like thrillers and suspense but children's books---are often more than i can take.

  3. Great review - thanks for sharing!


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