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Jan 1, 2012

Dream Chaser by Sherrilyn Kenyon: Book Review

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  12:26 PM

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Author:    Sherrilyn Kenyon
Series:    (Y) Dream Hunters
Genre:      Romantic Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (2007)

Dreaming was never so deadly or exciting…
Hades doesn’t often give second chances.
Xypher has one month on Earth as a human to redeem himself through one good deed or be condemned to eternal torture in Tartarus.
Simone Dubois is a woman with a secret even she doesn’t know. She’s never understood why the dead haunt her, especially her sidekick who will never leave her alone. But over the years she’s learned to cope. At least until an intriguing and lethal stranger walks into her life.
Now the fate of the world hangs in their hands…
It was bad enough when just the dead relied in her. Now there’s Xypher who needs Simone to open a portal to hell.
And you thought you had bad days…

  • Xypher half god and half demon and fulltime Skotos, tricked by his former lover Satara (a goddess) to give up his life for her for eternity in hell.
  • Simone, a medical examiner and university professor who deals with matters of the supernatural nature on the sideline. 
  • Jesse is a ghost and constant companion to Simone. She is the only human that can see him and other dead.
  • I loved this book. From page one there is action and intrigue as we meet Xypher leaving his cell of eternal torture in Tartarus on a month’s reprieve. 
  • The many twists in the plot not only flowed cohesively but kept me captivated. I’ts clear that a lot of thought and creativity went into its writing. As always I appreciate it when an author gives a new fictional but credible perspective  on mythology and an equally gripping love story.
  • One of my favourite characters is the Primus Potis _”the first one” also called Jaden who is supposed to be the Satan of the supernatural world. Jaden is complex character whom one would expect to be evil in everyway but with Jaden all is not as it seems.
    Both the male and female characters are adorable. Simone is strong and yet incredibly feminine despite the fierce environment she finds herself in where she battles gods, demons and Lycanthrope amongst other things when she’s not being medical examiner and university professor. 
  • Xypher on the other hand is as expected completely drool worthy. He is beyond this world beautiful and being a demigod could we expect any less? I loved seeing how, with spending time with Simone, he is transformed without much awareness from a growling pigheaded revenge obsessed testosterone machine  to someone who learns to love and laugh and sacrifice of himself thereby unbeknown to him, redeeming himself. You can’t help but love Xypher especially for having survived centuries of torture in hell and still coming out strong and gentle.
  • One of the things which I adored about this book is that unlike others in its genre it is not filled with lustful, sex crazed characters who just want to climb on each other at any given opportunity. The love scenes were very few,  two  or soif I’m not mistaken but they packed a punch and more than made up for quantity in quality. The focus was keeping the plot tight and focused. I loved that.

  • Everything was sizzling hot. Nothing to not enjoy.

Its humorous, has great witty and snappy dialogue with tons of adventure. An all round excellent novel. I wished it was longer even though it was all of 359 pages in length. I gobbled it up in a day. I can’t wait to get my hands on Acheron which I’ve heard rave reviews about from bookstore owners.
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  1. this sounds incredible! I was just thinking - it would be great if at the end of your reviews if you had a line where you state if it is hardcopy and kindle published or just kinde... or am I missing the place where you do?
    Keep reviewing like crazy this year :)
    Laura x

  2. This is such brilliant advice Laura thank you. I'll do think and sent you the link. Anything to make this blog userfriendly.


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