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Jan 25, 2012

eCollege Finder Writing Blog Awards

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  12:37 PM

I'm so excited this morning as I've just been informed that my blog is one of 75 chosen as a nominee to win a Writing Blog Award presented by eCollege Finder. That I should be listed as a contender with blogging greats such as  Alex J. CavanaughDaily DodoElla's EdgeAnne R.Allen's Blog amongst others is both ridiculous and amazing.

I confess I received an email notifying me of this possibility some weeks ago but kept thinking surely they jest. Despite the fact that I had answered their questions and accepted the invitation. But lo and behold, its all culminated in the email received this morning to say the final list has been drawn and my blog is listed.

Imagine the joy. I know I may not win but the thought that some kind soul somewhere on  planet blog thought my blog worthy to put forward for this award is unbelievably wonderful. It is the greatest compliment they could have paid me and I thank you whoever you are, from the bottom of my heart.

One of the requests made by eCollege Finder is that I answer a student related question and that is:

What advice can you offer students aiming to improve their writing acumen?
Yesterday in my workshop session with a government parastatal I got into conversation with one of my candidates. I was encouraging her to blog about her interests which I found quite fascinating. She's a biker, does mountain climbing, diving, and lots of studying, etc. After I'd finished with her I knew I'd left her with yet another thrilling adventure to embark on. Blogging writing is a thrill.

Not only do you meet the most phenomenal people from all over the globe but it feels akin to standing on a mountain top and shouting at the top of your voice and all around you creation stands at attention.
Your voice becomes all that matters. The only weapon you have that will hold attention. My blogs are my mountain top and my voice my freedom. 

You may be wondering what's this voice thing I'm going on about.

It's that thing that sets you apart. That prompts your reader to say: "Yes I want to come back and hear what else this blogger has to say". 
You'll come across many who say you need to find your your voice? I say our passions are our voice. Its not some mysterious entity that requires going on a quest in the deepest recesses of your being. My voice is that which I love and feel passionately enough about to want to let the world know. And when I start letting my passion speak, the world and I have the most wonderfully profound conversations.  Try it, strike up a conversation and see if it will not respond.
My friends and visitors, to vote for my blog please feel free to head on over to eCollege Finder to do so not only once but hopefully many many times.

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  1. Voted! You deserve the accolade. Wishing you best of luck. :)

  2. Voted!

    All the best dearie.

    (Twitter: @a_iki)

  3. Well done, Wendy! I agree that voice is extremely important.

  4. Yes, congratulations. Dedications and commitment does pay off!

  5. Congrats!!! I voted for you!

  6. You guys are all just the best. Thank you.

  7. Very well done, I have voted for you. Is it once a day or once overall?


  8. It said as many times as the voter wants so I'm not sure. I haven't done any voting myself Lainy so I don't know from experience. Please try tomorrow and let me know.

  9. I voted for you. Good luck.

  10. All the best Wendy, I've voted for you.

  11. Reka and Myne thank you ever so much.

  12. What an absolutely beautiful blog...I love it.

    NEW follower.

    I am stopping by from the Top Writing Blog competition.

    Just wanted to say hello. This is a great way to find new blogs and visit ones you haven't visited in a while. :)

    Elizabeth - Silver's Reviews

  13. Congratulations! What a wonderful post you offer to bloggers. Your voice is wonderful. :)


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