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Jan 30, 2012

Marry Up by Nina Fox: Book Review

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  11:40 AM

Author:    Nina Foxx

Series:    (N)
Genre:      Contemporary Romance 
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

The Ring Is Not Enough ...
... not if, like Paris Montague, you come from a long line of women who know how to marry. In her family, the unspoken rule has always been: never wed someone who's not as well off as you, and her mother wants her last unattached daughter to find a wealthy "Mr. Right" right now.
But Paris is doing just fine with her no-strings-attached relationship with her sexy secret lover, Tyson. The man may not have money, but he knows how to push all the right buttons!
Then JaBari Nolan enters the picture -- rich, charming, and oh-so-fine, with definite husband potential. But Paris can't shake the feeling that there's something shady going on with the all-too-perfect Mr. Nolan.
Time's running out, and Paris is going to have to choose between sweet Tyson and seductive JaBari.
And maybe "up" is not the way to take it ...

  • Paris Montague  the MC is torn between going after her own desires and fulfilling those of her family by marrying rich.
  • Tyson is her friend with benefits that may or may not become more.
  • JaBari is a handsome but dark and seedy character that’s supposed to be “theone” as he comes hand picked by the Paris’ mother.
    • There isn’t much that I found mind blowing I’m sad to say. The love story that develops between Tyson and Paris from booty calls to a concrete relationship was quite sweet. Tyson is humble, handsome and attentive but with no cash. A mandatory requirement in Paris’ world. 
    • I also found the theme of a bourgeois black family interesting and wished there could have been more development of this. The little of it she told had me curious.

    • Besides the writing style reflecting little skill, there were just so many areas that  showed gaping holes in the plot and character development  from lack of editing that. I simply  couldn’t understand how the novel  got approved for printing to be honest. For example  I can’t understand why the mother felt so obligated to JaBari to the extent of forcing her daughter into a relationship with a “bad seed”, even if she felt somehow beholden to him and his mother because guilt for some past “misdeed”. Something just didn't ring true. Had decent editing been done I believe a lot could have been salvaged
    • I also found the writer tends to be overly sentimental and descriptive. The simplest of things would elicit a cliche’d insight from one of the characters. That was too much.
    • I felt Nina had a great family background laid at the beginning to let us into the world that Paris and her family were accustomed to. When that background suddenly changes towards the end it feels like a hastily thought up means of explaining the mother’s irrational decisions with the family’s business finances and saving. This did not lead to a good ending for the book.
    Great premise but poor execution. This  is not a memorable one for me. J.L Campbell actually sent this book for me via post and I feel guilty for her having gone through all that trouble. 

    Rating: 2
    Needs work

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    • I won this book in a giveaway hosted but The Reader's Suite a long while ago.
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    1. I think I'll stay clear of this one. The whole thing seems a bit too cliched for me. Let me guess, Tyson won out at the end of the day?

    2. Lan you just gave me the biggest belly laugh. Cliche'd is just the right word.

    3. It doesn't sound like my cup of tea as a book. I loved reading an honest review where the good points were looked at as well as any negative. Thank you Wendy.

    4. Francine has an interesting post lined up for Wednesday on the issue of reviewing and I hope you'll stop by Rebecca. Is my review or a review or book critique, that's the interesting question.

    5. Hi Wendy! The great thing about you is that you deliver it straight. I think you might make a great editor.

    6. I'm interested in reading the post about the issue of reviewing. Book reviews are something I have a tough time writing!

    7. I totally appreciate your honest review. Thanks!

    8. Thanks for coming by ladies.

    9. You don't often read negative reviews on the blog, or at least I haven't. And I didn't when I used to review books I read, but my excuse was that I never finished books I didn't like. I really like your blog, the way you have designed it. I tried to join your posse again today. I tried before and it says I am a member, but I don't see myself anywhere. I'll visit your other blog later.

    10. Wendy,

      It's good that you were about to find the good and not-so-good in Marrying Up. I'm impatient, so if I don't get into the book right away, I tend to put it aside and fool myself that I'll read it some time later - which never usually happens. I think I was a tad disappointed with not being able to get into it becuase I like romance by black authors.

    11. I think the book has potential with the benefit of sound editorial advice. A very frank review.

    12. @ Nicki_ I wanted to tell you Nicki that one of my goals this year is to start attending creative writing course but with a strong emphasis on editing. I think it is something I would sincerely enjoy. Perhaps when I do my snark and long windedness will also be dampened as I wonder at times why people like you still come back. But I love having you here and yet I do wonder.
      @J.L I want to give another black author a bash in this genre. I'm on the look out.
      @ Oluchi_ thanks for dropping by.And yes, perhaps too frank.


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