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Feb 2, 2012

Paradox Series Giveaway

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  1:30 AM

NEWSFLASH: I'm so excited to give you this additional tidbit.
Since publication of this Giveaway Patti Roberts has added a TOTE BAG to sweeten the deal as well as advised that winners can choose between print copies and eBooks when notified of their winnings. I really do wish all sponsors were this magnanimous. We all know how expensive international post is. god bless her angel heart!!!!!
In December I was supposed to have hosted a big Christmas Giveaway but unfortunately a technological disaster struck. So here  I am, hosting my very first for the year and I'm holding thumbs that more will follow. For the last few weeks I enjoyed two books from the Paradox Series  by Patti Roberts and she has graciously sponsored four books from the series for this Giveaway. Here is a link to my reviews of Angels Are Here and Progeny Of Innocence. If you'd like to hear what  the author had to say about the series then click here HERE for the interview/ guest post.
For a list of what you can win scroll down. Entries for the Giveaway close on Feburary13th and winners will be announced on Valentines Day (February 14th). 

The Beginning.........
900 years ago, my world was a different place…  But one thing, regardless of the passing time and unimaginable distances that separates remains unchanged.  And that is – Love.
My name is Juliette, and I would like to tell you a story that stretches over a vast passage of time.   I was created long before spoken language was used for communication.
A time when magic existed and myths, legends and the gods roamed the planets and walked freely among us.
Long before the great floods consumed the Earth.  Long before the Tower of Babel was built, the stairway to the Gates of Heaven.
When a passage of time on earth was determined by observing the sun, moon, stars.  The rise and fall of the great oceans.
Human age was not determined by numbers, but rather by ones wisdom and knowledge.  The lines drawn in the palm of the hand prophesized the soul’s age, not the lines etched on the human face. 
And when the immortal soul had come to the end of its human experience, that passage of time – age being irrelevant – was determined by a force of pure energy.
Some, have called this energy force – God.  This is when the Angel Of Death would reveal herself and save your mortal soul. 
Every living thing, life, death, the universe – resonated as One.
Then everything changed.  Life, death, mortality, immortality as I knew it changed. War does that, it changes everything.  And by the end of the first Great War eon’s past, ancient texts, along with immeasurable knowledge, was destroyed, leaving the human race damaged and adrift.
But, I can tell you this, without any doubt, that you are not alone in this ultimate struggle for survival…  I see you still.
And this is something else you should know; with great knowledge comes great responsibility.
Two Simple Rules apply:
To stand a chance to win Book 1 or 2  you must be a new or old follower of this blog and I promise to follow back.

To stand a chance to win Book 1 and 2 in the Special Edition package be a follower and leave a comment.
Winners will be chosen randomly from each section.
Click on the Amazon pictures below for book descriptions.

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  1. I am not sure about my luck at giveaways ...never seem to win. But couldn't resist trying again.

  2. thanks Wendy for your great review :))) xxx For those that would like to know maore about the Paradox Series -


  3. Oh these look like AWESOME books! I MUST have it, lol! It's not often a giveaway where printed copies are given away is international, so I'm very thankful to you and the author for making this giveaway available to everyone over the world! :D
    Thank you!!
    (Angie Edwards)

  4. Great giveaway. I'm trying to broaden my reading horizons and these sound great!

  5. Oooh looks like a great giveaway. Entering now. :-)

  6. Those covers look aaaaweesoomee! Hope I win :D

  7. Love the concept of these stories. Can't wait to dive in.

  8. Hi, I am a new follower. Thank you so much for this fabulous valentine giveaway, God bless your kind heart;). Love the stories excerpt so much;), count me in please! Thank you,

  9. Hi Wendy! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I was looking for your blog but I think I ended up on your google+ page when I clicked on your name. But I finally found you! And you have a giveaway so double awesomeness! :)

  10. Hi Wendy!!! You are the VRC Black History Winner for last week!! what kind of e-reader do you have?

  11. Yiiiiihaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! thank you p Sidney. Thank thank you thank you.
    An ePub is fine coz I have iBooks amongst others.

  12. Oh Cherie it looks like we have yet another blogger change, I have to check it out. It just doesn't stop.

  13. Thank you everyone for entering the comp. Half price vouchers are available to those that didn't win. contact me here and let me know that Wendy sent you and I will email you the 1/2 price voucher for any of the ebooks of your choice.

    for more about the villains in the Paradox Series, visit my blog -



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