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Feb 16, 2012

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson: Book Review

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  9:33 AM

Author:    Stieg Larsson
Series:    (Y) Millennium Trilogy 
Genre:      Crime Fiction 
Publisher: Vintage; Mti edition (November 22, 2011))

The Industrialist 
Henrik Vanger, head of the dynastic Vanger Corporation, is tormented by the loss of a child decades earlier and convinced that a member of his family has committed murder. 

The Journalist 
Mikael Blomkvist delves deep into the Vangers' past to uncover the truth behind the unsolved mystery. But someone else wants the past to remain a secret and will go to any lengths to keep it that way. 

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 
Lisbeth Salander, the enigmatic, delinquent and dangerous security specialist, assists in the investigation. A genius computer hacker, she tolerates no restrictions placed upon her by individuals, society or the law. 

  • Mikael Blomkvist is a journalist newly convicted of libel and must spend a little time both in jail and out of the limelight.
  • Lisbeth Salander comes in with a deeply troubled past, the mind of a genius and balls of steel packed in all 45 or so kg’s of tiny.
  • Henk Vanger the has the most diabolical family you and I will ever come across and at the end of his life  number of pitch black secrets come crawling out of the family closet with the help of Lisbeth and Blomkvist.
  • I really liked The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. For some reason its like not only reading a crime novel but literary fiction, romance and a psychological thriller all in one. It is so well written that you could be reading it for the appeal of any of these reasons.
  • Most of the characters are so damaged and flawed that even though at times I wondered if they were not too flawed to be real, I found myself caring for and worrying about them. Just thinking of Lisbeth Salander and her history made me notice people around me who look like odd fits in society and start wondering what had shaped their lives. So at some intrinsic level I must have bought into the novels reality.
  • There are deliciously surprising twists and turns I loved, everything is never as you though and not to mention the humble, down to earth and endearing nature the novel embodies through   the characters of Mikael Blomkvist and Henry Vanger.
  • The very long description and intricate details of the finance sector. Some of it just went over my head. 

I loved the psycho thriller spin. The complex love triangles. The murder mystery and cloak and daggerness of it all. I also must say I enjoyed Larsson’s writing style. As intricately woven as this book is, has great flow, makes sense and has a comfortable feel and pace. Its almost a five but not quite because the financial bit almost broke that flow for me.

Rating:  4.5 /5
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  1. Sounds like a great read. I really want to read the book soon, but it's just another one in a long list of books that I've been meaning to get to. :-)

  2. Interesting take. I agree about the very long descriptions of the fiancial world - but that's about the only point of aggreement. I felt the whole book was too verbose and in desperate need of a red pen to get rid of about one in four of its words. (His style put me off trying any of his other books. I'd have to be told they were extremely good stories before I picked up another.)

    The characters were totally believeable to me and not at all too dark to be real (but as a journalist I spent an awful lot of time as a court reporter and probably encountered more 'darkness' than average people).

    And it's interesting that you have made no mention at all of the intense misogyny of the book, which I felt to be the real point of the story.

    Just goes to show how differently we all see books.

  3. Aj, whatis so interesting to me is that you've probably said exactly what Tirzah from A Clever Whatever would probably say. She also pointed out once that this is the big difference between a writer and a reader reading a book. Like in Twiloght, 12% or so of readers had a problem with the authors writing and over 60% of writers did.

    I suppose as a reader and average individual not exposed to the dark nature of humanity closely my judgemement is not deeply rooted in what would influence an expert in the field to judge competence or entertainment value.

  4. I've not read Twilight. But I'm currently having difficulty with D H Lawrence! Being a writer AND an ex-journalist makes me doubly sensitive to 'spare' words. It's probably not a coincidence that a lot of the writers I enjoy are also ex-journos.

  5. Just chiming in here to say I agree with AJ about the verbosity. I felt The Girl could definitely have done with more of an editor's intervention. I liked the book, though, because it introduced me to another city and a country I don't know much about. (I have to say I didn't catch any misogyny - she was never spoken of having invited or deserved any of what happened to her and she fought back against it in quite a dramatic way and made a lot of money while at it.)

    Now the second book - well, about the first hundred pages was set in Grenada which isn't too far from where I'm from so I settled in, expecting the whole episode to lead somewhere - tax haven, big money, drug running, other islands, whatever. But it didn't. After she left the island, it was never mentioned again and had nothing to do with the rest of the story. If it was relevant in the third I wouldn't know because I haven't been motivated to read it.

    I appreciate that the author was a crusading journalist and give him mad props for that but, honestly, I felt the movies were better than the books. (Haven't seen the American version yet so I mean the European one.)

  6. The movie has just arrived in Cinemas here so I'm planning to go as I just have to see it.
    On the point of journalists who are writers, my favourite is Douglas Kennedy. I think he's just magnificent.

  7. Let me try again ...the last two times I tried to ignored me.

    I find that being a writer has made it harder for me enjoy some books unless I can put myself in the 'reading' zone and ignore the things I've trained myself to see.

    I wanted to see that movie but I kept hearing about how anti-woman it was...and I didn't watch the film.

    Dunno--maybe when it's on rental.


  8. first of all Tirzah let me say how wonderful it is to see you out and about again. I hope this means busy work season part 1 is wrapping up.

    On the writing...I can understand your dilemna because you are a writer of a few words and those you use pack a punch and I love your stuff for that. So yeah, it would be tough to indulge a writer who seems to revel in excess.

  9. i really like the book cover of this novel. I did not like that yellow cover, (it did have a yellow cover too right, eek)
    great review!!

  10. I know what you mean Sidne. I can't stand that yellon one either and I really have a general dislike for the cartoony type covers. Thanks for the visits.

  11. Sounds good! I've been seeing this book for what seems forever. I think I may have to just pick it up and finally read it. :)

  12. i've yet to pick up my next one too Jennnifer. there never seems to be enough time.


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