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Feb 24, 2012

Poetry Friday: Imaginary Garden by Ella's Edge

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:00 AM

Well like the old explorers who went about discovering lands which in actual fact had already been discovered by their inhabitants, I also discovered a fantastically gifted poet this week. You know how I love those. And she is a blog friend I've known for a while no less and yet only got to know about her poetry now. I just had to introduce her to those who need to do some discovering.

Ladies and gentleman I give you Ella from Ella's Edge. FIY! The prompt for this poem was AN IMAGINERY GARDEN.


Mother stitches me a gown of tie dye yellow and endless blue for day
she also made me a dress in my favorite colors
a billowy dream of violet with mauve accents
I look good in red, too
my skirt twirls and outlines my shape
my arms embrace low lying clouds 
sometimes gray suits my mood
when my mind is in a haze

Mother says my beauty awakens many
It extends outward, like my golden hair
she says I cascade highlighted hope
I wake the morning dew
She says I'm brilliant, her little star
Hope of my work will soon be reflected in snowdrops, robins singing 
and green soldiers standing tall waiting to be assigned their next duty

As time dances I spin,
ethereal threads of  the day reappear
I surrender to twilight's yawn 
my golden hair drapes down
you might find some later in your dreams

My Mother picks velvet for my sister's gown
Deep cobalt blue with rhinestones accents
She will dance into the night
Her gown fits snug
It has Hollywood appeal
My sisters pale luminous face
Geisha full, glows
She radiates passion and promise

We are twins, but nothing alike
She thinks she is the oldest
she welcomes Night owls and bats to encompass her
Poets write about her beauty
I'm jealous how many swoon when she appears
My day is yawns, roosters crowing and time clocks
but Mom says it is my beauty that is enjoyed most
Celebrations and a Cirque are named after me 

One day a rite of passage will emerge
we won't submit to the others one way
we will join each other hand in hand until we merge into one
It will be a rare debut, on stage together
we will be be photographed 
and forever documented
many will come to see our rare performance
Hope you can come 

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  1. Great poem!! I do poetry Thursdays. It's nice to share with other bloggers who like poetry. Thanks for this one. I love the imagery and colours.

  2. You did an amazing job with this poem!!

  3. Wow - that was striking -off to check out Ella's blog

  4. Beautiful...wish I could write such multi splendoured ones.

  5. Great poem love it! i'll will wait for your next poem!

  6. Thank you Wendy, I had computer issues and haven't been able to stop by. I wasn't sure if you would find time...Thank you so much!!! I know you have a lot going on...It means a lot~

    Jeremy-Thank you, I will be by to check out your blog. It is great to make new friends :D

    Rek-Thank you, start out with a poem then try the story. Blur the lines between the two...see what happens! I will visit you to see if you try~ Nice to meet you~

    Laura-Hi, so kind of you! I will stop by and visit you~ Nice to meet you :D

    Josh-Thank you so much! I think not having a lot of sleep, probably helped me. I already was in a dream like state :D

    Dana-Thank you! I will stop by and visit you~
    I was dared to write poetry and this is how it all started, for me.

    Nice to meet all of YOU!

    Thank you Wendy for taking the time! I wish you well and will visit to hear the updates of your life! ATB Ella


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