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Feb 21, 2012

Pseudonym Me! by Joseph Eastwood

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  8:00 AM

Today I'm featuring Joseph J.T Eastwood, author of the Blood Luminary Series. I've had a long fascination with the reasons behind having pen names. I have a bit of a hard time understanding why someone would choose one instead of their real name if not because the first names are not attractive or effective e.g you write in a male dominated genre and your name is Rosa James or something. And the management and marketing of these two characters, how does one handle it? etc. But let's hear what Mr. Eastwood has to say about it. 

This post was first published at Joseph Eastwood's Blog on September 15, 2011. Thank you Joseph.

Do you have a pen name? Nom de plume? Pseudonym? In fact, do you need one?

I've never considering changing my name because I wanted to take full credit for my writing, and I've always wondered why some people do change there names--actors, singers, writers, authors, just people in general.

Okay, well I'm not sure why other people may change their name, probably because it just doesn't suit them--or they're in love with another name. So this might be a little bit the same with artists; singers, authors etc. and I've been wondering whether or not I need a pen name, and although I love my name, I've just been thinking, what if I was change it.

I read an article, a few months ago now and it was about an author who wrote erotica under a pen name and she also taught at a high school, but when the parents of her students found out about her other name and published books, she was marred a disgrace--I'm not sure what happened to her, but she is still writing, and in the article, she said she wouldn't give up that. Of course I see how a pseudonym was relevant here.

And here are some of the other reasons people may change their names:

Their last name is unpronounceable, this is very common with recording artists (so I've found).
because they are named after someone who is already famous, I know this is what Katy Perry did, formally Katy "Kate" Hudson--so you can see the confusion here.
There name is common i.e. John Smith, and an exotic sounding name might stick better--and separate you from everyone else in Google search ;)
because they've already published in a genre under one name.

Now that last point is where I am. I'm currently only working on my YA fantasy novels, and each of them will be under my name, 'Joseph Eastwood' but I also want to write gory horror and some gay romance novels, and hey, I might even give erotica a go, I sure know I have the mind for it--but I can't stick them with my name as well, right.

I don't want to change my name at all--my full name is Joseph Thomas James Eastwood, and I'd like to work with that, maybe move things around, take things out, shorten the names etc. and I was thinking for horrors, I could be J. T. James or something and for romance I could be Thomas Jay.

What do you think? And do you have a pseudonym?

I'd love to hear how you came to it.


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  1. I plan to use my pen name/ my muse's name Reka Sang for the Domestic violence(the invisible kind, not taken seriously by the society except the courts - mental, emotional, financial torture)Novella ...since its based on my marriage experience, it has to be in a pen name.

  2. Interesting to think about. My Mom always wrote under her maiden name (likely because her married name is 12 letters long with half of those being silent. Impossible to pronounce)I never thought to question it.

  3. Good post! I, too, have been considering a pen name, more for privacy protection than just because I'm in love with a certain name. I like keeping my personal life separate from my public persona. Also, my real name is hard to pronounce, so yeah.

  4. I have a pen name to keep my regular job and my writing seperate. I also use an old picture for book jackets where my hair is darker and my eyes appear dark. I may look like a relative of mine but not exactly me. I put my web page, my FB and my email under that name.

    It's work. But I don't have whiny family or co-workers finding me by accident. My writing life is a separate life.

  5. Plus--when writing romance--a feminine name helps...just like in sci-fi and Westerns, women writers often use initials.

    Perception can be everything.

  6. For me there is no big deal having pen name just love your work that's it.


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