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Feb 23, 2012

Reading Pregnant

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:00 AM

This is just a babbling post so be warned.

Isn't it strange how quickly priorities changes when life throws surprises.
I've been so concerned about my reading purchases lately or rather lack thereof. And then I realised something today.
I am about to be a mommy for the fourth time and perhaps subconsciously my priorities just shifted. For example a few months ago I would rather have gone to a book store everyday of the week than go and "waste" my money at the mall. Which by the way used to be a favourite form of therapy.
These days I surprise myself further when I think about going to the book store. First I ask myself questions, such as: What books do I need? Why do I need them? Can I get them cheaper on my eReader? and so on.
As a results my almost daily trips to book sellers have dwindled down to about one planned and budgeted visit every three weeks.
I suppose this is good news for my TBR list which thank God is finally progressively declining as I take books off the shelf. 
It also may mean that I've matured a bit more because having a baby was never a reason to curb my shopping previously. I shopped right through my second born's pregnancy and four months of maternity leave thereafter. So there is progress.

And by the way, today and yesterday in fact we've done nothing other than shop for hospitals. You can't believe how expensive having babies is when you don't have health insurance. In SA this is a ridiculously expensive option most of us can only afford when you have a permanent job and therefore partly subsidised by the company. Since both hubby and I are working our own minute enterprises, its a huge unaffordable expense. So everything is cash.
Today after we had to pay for doctors and ultrasounds and blood work plus getting the quotes from maternity hospitals with the lowest being....wait for it.....$4500 which is a lot of money in my currency. I found myself mumbling: "I hope these kids will know how much they cost to bring in to this world" if they had a choice. LOL.

Anyway, its been decided. Four kids are more than enough. In fact we are on the verge of overpopulating the planet, so I'm definitely lined up for the old snip. 
But I wonder though, if you're mommy and you've been through that "closing-up-shop" process, did it have any significant impact on your hormones and body etc?

I'm terrified of more weight gain.

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  1. Congratulations on the impending birth of baby #4! So exciting...if expensive. But hey, you're saving all that book money now, right? ;) Sorry I've got no advice for you on closing up shop - my husband's the one who go the snip snip.

  2. I watched Californication and saw when the hubby got the snip, it looked painfull for a while. Since I'll be going under the knife for the delivery anyway I figured might as well. Oh I'm extremely excited Nicki. We all saw a very active babely yesterday and the lil ones can't stop asking about her.

  3. Congrats on the pregnancy!

    I went with a midwife and a home birth (not that I did it for financial reasons) but it did end up way cheaper than a hospital stay.

    I made the other half get the snip - quicker, cheaper, less invasive. But I'm good with that 2 kids is more than enough for me, I'm not the maternal type.

  4. Like you, I've grown. I used to buy books almost every weekend when I took my son to the book club, which happens to be hosted by a book store. I've but back on buying. Buying more ebooks now, but it's nowhere as expensive. I still much prefer a paper and ink book though.

    Wishing you luck with finding the most economical option for having your baby girl.

  5. Ebooks are definitely cheaper for me too. And also using the library. I buy less these days.

  6. Oooooh >_< that is expensive. Like in college tuition expensive.

    When are you due?

  7. Misha you have no idea. Tomorrow we're checking out the midwifes and then gyneas that work with them and see if it won't be less. The problem is I have to do the Caesar thing because of previous complications.
    As of yesterday I'm due on the 29th April. All along it was the 20th :(

  8. Not me, I'm kidless on purpose but many of my siblings, inlaws, cousins went through it. If you are having your tubes done, you won't really notice a difference on a hormonal level. My one sister it made her feel old but that was mental not hormonal.

    My one cousin said it improved her sex life because she could stop worrying about it. She had lots of health issues and being pregnant was like living with a gun to her head. She could relax because it was safe.

    But for safety's sake, cut and BURN or sometimes they grow back. Best to snip then burn. That way no surprise number five when if it grows back.

    If one does a hysterectomy--which you don't need, you will see a huge difference in lots of things.

    But for a lubal, nah...nothing but what you feel about it on an emotional level.

    Homebirth might be cheaper but only if you were comfy with a midwife and your back room. Personally I'd want drugs...and a nanny.


  9. Besides the new baby news yours are the best I've heard in a while Tirz. Oh I can't afford to have them grow back, God forbid, so I'll make sure they burn. The cheapest is definitely the midwife route but my problem is that I have to be operaterdon. That' another reason why there just cannot be a nr. 5 loops. No way.

  10. My babies were C-sections, too. Talk about expense +.

    After #3, I developed thrombophlebitis in left leg. It was a life-saver to be in the hospital. Had a tubal ligation then.

    Yes, when #3 was about 2 or 3, my arms ached to hold another baby.

    April is a great month to have a baby!

  11. Thanks Susan. We are about to have five consecutive months of birthdays in my house starting with mine in Dec. Ending with the new bunny in April.
    Baby daddy is the odd one

  12. Buy cheaper books and spend your money to your new born baby. Congratulation!:)

  13. Thanks for dropping by Jeremy and always leaving a lovely comment.


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