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Feb 14, 2012

Valentines With A Paradox: Winners

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  10:56 PM

The dust hasn't settled as yet but I had to come rushing by to announce the winners for the Paradox series giveaway. But before I do that let me just thank everyone who entered and made this giveaway interesting. I wish everyone could walk away with a prize but it bever us the case.

Yes as kitsch as I find it, Happy Valentines Day. I personally find this day tediously long and cheesy but that's the unmorantic  unromantic in me. If you are a believer I hope you got enough love to fill this whole year and more today. And perhaps enough to spill a little in my direction.

Here are the winners:




Rebecca Bradley

Cherie L

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  1. sending you your prisesthank you so much Wendy. Congratulations to all the winners. I look forward to sending you your prizes. Patti Roberts

    Paradox Series - What's it all about -

  2. whoops, the screen refreshed while I was typing the above message...:( but you get the gist :)

  3. hi Wendy! 

    this is awesome. i wanted to leave a comment on your post but Blogger is giving me trouble again. 

    thank you very much for informing me and for hosting the giveaway. an ebook would be great. if it's available in pdf or epub, that would even be better. c",)


  4. Yay!!! Thank you for hosting the giveaway! I sent you an email back, btw. Sorry that I missed it the first time--it went straight to my spam folder.

    Thanks again, Wendy!

  5. Oh wow, fantastic,thank you both Wendy and Patti! I haven't been online much recently and seemed to have missed this news. I'm thrilled!

    Wendy, is there any chance you could send me the email again please? My brain has been a little fried of late....


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