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Mar 29, 2012

Life and happens.

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:54 PM

Hello my buddies.
I’m working hard both at business and pleasurable pursuits and hobbies in the home front these days and sadly my blogging is suffering. Sorry friends I'll have some reviews up at first opportunity. I’m also moving house Saturday and Sunday so this situation won’t be changing anytime soon i'm afraid, not with the wee one also making her grand entry in three weeks or so as well. Thanks for coming over again and again though to check up on my blog and I.

I’ve been  moderating portfolios all of today, in between baking brownies and cooking custard, its that kinda weather today .  I've also had certain music bouncing around in my head the entire time so I thought let me take a minute to pop it up here. Perhaps I someone else who wakes up very late to these things like me will get to like them too.

The first one  is a teacher’s audition that I have watched a gazillion times. I love his performance that much. I know its two years old but I already said, I'm always late.  
The other is of Nigerian origin. I love that Nigerian artists are frequently featured on our South African radio stations these days to add their own wonderful brew to our local mix. Check out that white boy with his inside out coconut self. He is just so delightful.. He’s my favourite bit of the whole song really. I must warn you though that this one may not be for everyone. Its more party /club music but why don't you listen anyway for the sheer fun of expanding your musical vistas.

Until next time, I hope you loving life and giving it all you got. Au revior. 

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  1. Good luck on your move - I will be having the same fun soon. And REALLY all the very best on your soon to arrive! I hope you will post pics for us to admire?

  2. Good luck with the move and the baby too. happy, relaxes thoughts and music that's what I have heard people recommend soon to be mothers. Take care.

  3. Changing homes when you're about to deliver a baby has to be about as hard as it gets. Go easy.

  4. Sounds like you're super busy. Good luck with moving house and with the little one. :-)

  5. Ok1!!
    1. That XFactor video gave me goosebumps and I got tear-eyed (at work!) Loved that video!!! And he is sooo cute!!!!!!!!
    2. Good luck on and my your move be trouble free.
    3. When are we going to see some baby bump pics? Like a before and after.
    4. Did someone say brownies?
    5. Kisses to the little one.


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