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Mar 20, 2012

When I’m Not Blogging

Posted by Unknown  |  at  8:44 PM

When I haven’t been online which happens to be lot lately,  I’ve been doing a number things which surprise even me. I was thinking through the last few activities which have been taking me away from my blogs and was pleased to find a few new things like:

Attending my first sports match in February (cricket of all things). I’m sure you can tell i’m the least sporty person you’ll come across. It was one of those night things with some local teams and surprisingly had great fun. A girl friend called with tickets and it was a Friday and I though why not? I can’t actually remember the team names or what team did what but I realised that night that a lot of people go to these things for the atmosphere. I saw so many doing everything but watch the game. It was lovely.

I bought a sewing machine three weeks ago. I’ve been promising to get   myself one for a long time but there always seems to be other things to do. This time I decided it was now or never. I have absolutely nothing to furnish the new house we are moving into with because everything is in West Africa  (last year’s intended move). There’s a baby on the way too so buying everything is just out of the question. The day after I learnt how to thread the machine and stitch I made a thick woolly winter comforter/blanket affair for the princess on the way. I’ve been worried about this because Mikaela (that’s her first name) is the first winter (ok late autumn) baby in the house and I just can’t seem to find good quality winter bedding for kids. Johannesburg winters have been vicious these last few years. I blame global warming. All weather predictability has gone to the dogs. Today I saw the most beautiful blanket fabric again for my other girls and their brother. I’ll be getting that tomorrow and stuffing duvet inners in between two layers of those as well because they love their baby sisters so much and it’s functional and cheap for mommy. 

Nesting. I’ve been busy with decor blogs a lot lately and putting together my notice board for the look of our new place. I am flabbergasted by people’s creativity and ingenuity. And I’m grateful for it because I’m one of those people who have to see a representation for inspiration (e.g picture) in order to get the creative juices going. This time my theme is an eclectic mix of by gone and modern. So as you might expect I’ve been giving special attention to second hand stores and this leads to my next point.

So far i got an old fashioned kettle (one of those that whistle when boiling) two Tiffany style lamps  (oh I love them- they just need a bit of brass cleaning) and I also got a tea trolley, desk and dining chair (for the desk) that I intend to bring back to life. All three furniture items I got from the animal shelter charity shop. I finished the tea trolley today which is actually for books in my reading nook or to push around baby stuff if that works better. Luckily its one of those multifunctional ones made of wood so I managed to paint it a cherry colour. What I learnt in restoring this piece is that the liquid paint stripper is the worst thing to use to get the job done. Its messy and very hard on the flesh (acidic). I could even feel it through the gloves I used which I must confess were more for household use than hardware. 
I wonder if I'll keep that colour,
I'm thinking metallic fire engine red.
And red cast iron pots. thinking..... 
So today I used a manual sander for the dining chair. It needed a bit of elbow grease but got the job done great. I’m investing in an electric sander for the desk. I already got an off cut of fabric from an upholstery shop for the chair cover and did some modifications on the pattern with my new trusted sewing apparatus so I can’t wait to see how that turns out. All my second hand buys cost me all of $76 and I'm so pleased that all the furniture pieces are solid wood. I’ll tell you when I have pictures up on my personal blog if you’re interested and its back from sabbatical.

I’ve also been spending a lot more time visiting my blog friends blogs. I actually think I’ve finally gotten around to my blog visit dilemma. After my Poetry post on Friday I do not look at my blog again and start visiting others and commenters of my previous posts. If I do this at every opportunity in the weekend I feel I’ve done well at the end. And those visits have been very fruitful too. There is so much useful and lovely information out there. For example Dana had a post on her blog the other day where an author was giving props to us book blogger (Kudos to the book bloggers). You can find her post here. Its really worth taking the time to visit. I’ve also in this time found out that two of my blog friends have books coming out in May so you can expect to see quite a bit about their books here. Clarissa (Cover Reveal & Release Date) and J.L Campbell (Distraction) congratulations, I can’t wait for the releases.

So this is what I’ve been up to when I’m not blogging away. Good times. Good times.
So I ask you, have you kept the same blogging momentum as last year? I certainly haven't.

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  1. It's great that you have a full, well-rounded life, including time to read and blog. I don't know how you do it. Also, moving into a new home is always an adventure, a wonderful change of pace.

  2. Sounds like you are staying busy. It is always fun to do some elbow grease work :)

  3. Looks like you've been a busy woman. Years ago I thought about getting a sewing machine. I loved the idea of making clothes myself. My mum used to have one when I was a child and I guess I was being a little nostalgic. Not sure I'll have time to use it these days though.

  4. WOw - busy, busy woman. Good for you.

  5. ok fashionista!! My mother came up to our h.s. and made them give is clothing 1,2,and 3. Yes me and my sisters sew very well, my first child I made everything. I use to do prom dresses and men ties and cumberbands. don't do anymore, the designs these young ladies want now is so against my fashion that i can't even do it to make the money. nowadays the sewing machine has passed on to my daughter. i'm thinking of taking up crocheting. always wanted to and painting. when im not blogging or reading, i volunteer with seniors, and autistic children. quilt and I love international cooking. oh, I got that teapot. I love the whistle sound.

  6. I wasn't blogging last year but it's really loads of fun. I love meeting other readers and writers so I'll definitely do my best to keep it up.

  7. I apologize everyone I'm having technical issues and it seems all my edits were never saved. I'm going back to logon. 

  8. Wendy, you've certainly been busy and so productive too. I've never tried restoring anything, but you sound like you're an expert at this sort of thing. Thanks for the mention. Gonna go check out that blog.

  9. J.L i only sound like it but certainly not. Its DIY blogs that are helping me out. Everytime i have to do something I look for a tutorial. But then I love that kind of thing and deco.

    Eugenia_ Blogging is one of the most satisfying things I've ever done. Its well worth the effort.

    Josh_ and its so satisfying to see something that was damaged gain new life.

    Kiru_ nostalgia whom I was very close too and left to early was the same and I always wanted to give myself time to learn her skill. She was a whizz at it. She did everything from curtains, bedding to clothes and she even knitted jerseys

    Sidne I so wish I could sew that way. I'm sticking to learning how to do the house stuff right now, like bedding to get my skills half decent and then I can progress to learning to read patterns.

    Richard I'm so happy about the state of things at the moment because my main aim this year was to get balance in my life.

    I must say my new year resolutions list seems to be working this year. Every time I accomplish something I remember it was in my goals.

  10. Busy, busy, busy and yet getting everything done, Wow. My mom sews even now, but I can't get a straight line of thread in...after numerous tries, gave up. I am better at the designing, patterning, cutting part.
    As long we are content, do what we can. ;)
    Enjoy your week.

  11. Nesting? With a wood sander? Metal refinisher? Girl, you are not just nesting--you are rebuilding the nest. Seriously, do take care of yourself! And, have fun sewing!!! Try quilting!!

  12. March has been a very slow blogging month for me. Lack of sleep makes for a very poor blogger. I need to start getting back in to it though.

    Congratulations on the new baby! (I may have missed the initial announcement.) I love the pink blanket you made and I also love that you are renovating old things and bringing them back to life. I love the lamp, it's so pretty.

    Blogging is time consuming, so it's great to hear about the lives people are living outside the blogosphere. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Oh! I love sewing! Congrats on getting a sewing machine. I hope you love it. :)

  14. Where ya off to, Wendy? Hope you are well. How are your posts coming for the A-Z?


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