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Sep 7, 2012

Amazon NY goes Kobo, Apple, Barnes and Noble....

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  7:17 PM


Two days ago I read a Paid Content article which I really thought would be relevant to my blog friends as most of you are authors and distribute the through the eBook channel.
As you’ll read, the article  talks mainly about a deal struck between Amazon NY and competitors (Nook, Kobo, Apple, etc) where by Amazon eBooks will no longer be sold exclusively by Amazon but by competitors as well.
I think this is good news for the author because more distribution should mean more exposure and the wider the audience then hopefully the higher the sales. 
I wonder about a number of things though and perhaps you might have an answer for them:
I've read on previous writer’s blogs that distributors take a chunk of the money made in sales. According to one of the comm enters, some as much as 65%. Do you think wider distribution might positively impact this?
I’m also aware that not all eReaders are compatible with Amazon downloads, but does this now mean the indie author will be able to access these distributors all at the same time and not have to load their books on multiple platforms, example if previously you listed you book at Amazon, you’d have  also get it listed at Barnes and Noble I imagine so that Nook readers could also get it? 
If this is the case, does it make any difference to the self-publishing author in terms of cost and time.

This deal appears to be specifically between Amazon NY and competitors. Considering that Amazon has writers all over the world distributing through them, how far is the reach of this deal? Perhaps its been covered in the article but I didn’t see it but I’d love your thoughts on it.

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  1. I guess that depends on where you upload the book...If I were to, I would most probably be choosing Amazon US since I already have an account there and familiar with the site. I do see non America based authors publish there, a minuscule number, but very few fare well beyond their local shores as their writing often tends to be region specific - those books work only through an established publishing house.
    I would be interested in stories from another third world country/region(the ancient world as I like to call it :D)because at the end of the day, our way of living has more in common with each other than with say an European/American, but for the European or American it's only a novelty indulgence.
    Unless, it affects the author's revenue I don't see the problem. I wonder how Smashwords, the online publish service which did this job for free earlier, would be affected.
    I think Amazon wants to be the next Microsoft or Apple, a monopoly destroying any competitor in its way.

    Hope are you and your daughter, must a couple of months old now? Take care.

  2. R it s so lovely to have you come by. Yes it does seem likenitand I imagine thatbifnit works for the NY store the rest of Amazon may be interested in adopting that model too. With you said about monopoly, immnow wondering if that would be a good thing.

    Baby and I are well on our way andnshe's doing brilliantly. I was still scares on line becauseni had to focus on getting my business going again. Things are moving slow by but I focus on the fact thatitsbfinally moving. It's only a matter of time bybthe grace of the Almighty.


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