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Aug 13, 2013

Alina B. Visits with The Plan (A secret novel formula)

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  3:26 AM

I'm very excited today to have some writing advice on my own blog as I have finally, yes finally, started writing a book. I don't even know the title yet so at the moment it's just referred to as "the book", but I can tell you that it's non-fiction. When Alina.B told me about her book, The Plan, I thought here's a writer whose only recently been through the ropes, let me ask her to dispense some experience. Thank you Alina for coming over today and I believe the reader will find your words as beneficial, as did I.

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Planning, writing, editing. A secret novel formula?

Should an author plan the plot before writing the story? Should he edit while writing it? Or should he plan, edit, review while writing it? These are questions I was asking myself before writing down my first sentence of my first draft, and also the whole time while writing, until the last dot at the end of the last sentence.

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There is no particular formula to write the perfect novel. Each author makes his own formula, adapted to his own persona.
In my case, I made no planning before writing. I just thought of an idea I could write about, and simply
started creating sentence after sentence, chapter after chapter, until I had to put an end to the story.
Writing is never easy. Even in those moments when you feel so inspired and so in the mood of writing. Why? Maybe because inspiration doesn`t strike when we want, or probably because we are simply not made to be writers. But I have read once, that skill comes with practice. And it is true, because in my case, while editing my first draft of my first book, the romantic suspense, The Plan, I was really disappointed with my writing. But with each page I was editing, I was finding less mistakes and better sentences. If I was to compare the time I needed to edit two pages from the beginning of the draft, and two pages from the end of it, you would be surprised how big the difference is.

Writing and editing at the same time is far from easy. It is a trap for those who don`t have experience in writing. It makes you believe you can do it, but it will only slow you down, and at the end of the draft you`ll start editing again and again. So, from my experience, I prefer writing the first draft, and then editing.  
Before starting writing down my first sentence of The Plan, I really believed that writing is easy and that my first book will be ready in less than couple of months. Well, after day two of intense writing, I made my calculations, and realized that it was impossible. What a disappointment! My unrealistic plan was falling apart and I wasn`t able to do anything about it.

Since that day on, I started appreciating much more all the books in the world, well or bad written, thick or thin. The time, the inspiration, the patience, the effort and the head-aches of any author, should always be appreciated. 

Alina B.

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Dear Reader,
We'd love for you to share what worked for you when you wrote your very first book (if you can think that far back).

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  1. I'm so glad you've begun to write a book Wendy. I just posted in my previous post about the PLOTTER Vs PANTSER and Adina is obviously a pantser - no plan, just get stuck into it. Many people start this way when writing their first novel, then many move on to become plotters after seeing how long the rewrites/edits take. However, some just love pantsing and will always write this way.
    I started off fully pantsing - just a vague plan, a couple of lovely characters and took it from there and had such fun. The story at times wrote itself...but...I never finished it, or the two other novels with great story ideas I started and nearly finished.
    My fourth novel, I plotted, yet a lot of it wrote itself too and I've finished it!! Woo hoo! But I'm a firm believer that every writer has to find their own way and shouldn't try to fit into anyone else's preconceived ideas of how to write a novel.

    Thanks for the thought provoking post Adina!

  2. Denise its so awesome to get your input on this. I feel like I have written chapter one a thousand timea and suspect that if I continue to go back I'll take twenty years writing this book.
    So now the lose plan is to write and not look back at least until a third of the way through. I'm still relying on my intuition to tell me when I'm a third of the way through.....let me just stop while i'm ahead otherwise i'll give myself an enxiety attack.

  3. It's nice to hear from people who have written an entire book, to learn what they did. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I have a bad habit of editing as I go. As a result it takes me a LONG time to write a book. But the first draft is pretty smooth and clean, at least.

  5. Hi Jeniffer.
    I'm actually wondering if thats such a bad thing because i find in the editing you also get new ideas and thoughts to add. its not just a matter of fixing gramma and syntax. would one really remember all those ideas for improvement at the end? they are such slippery things.


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