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Aug 5, 2013

Jenna Kay Pridgen Visits with Eternity

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:00 AM

Today Jenna Kay Pridgen visits us. Thanks for stopping by to answer my two in one question Jenna and for being so generous in your response too. I hope the readers will enjoy hearing from you as well as go out and support your writing.

My question posed to Jenna was simply: 
What are your stories about and why do you write them? 

My writing career began in April of 2009. Around 5 AM God spoke to me and told me I was destined to write. You see, I'd been praying and knowing that God was wanting me to do something, but before April 22nd 2009 I had no idea what it was. And when I found out I was shocked. At that time reading had not been a priority – being a housewife and mother of three took up most of my time. So to say the least I was overwhelmed after God answered my prayers. Would I have time to write and take care of my family? Why would God choose this for me? And what in the world was I going to write about?

Some people know early on that they are writers. I found out at 29 years old. At that time I did ministry work at our church with the youth, and I saw what young people of today go through. All the issues, emotions, the trials and pressure these kids are under... that's when it hit me that I was to write for young adults using real spiritual warfare.
The reason I say REAL spiritual warfare is because teens (and adults) love the paranormal, like vampires, zombies, werewolves, faeries, etc..., and my mentality was this: If people crave the paranormal, why can't the real supernatural catch their attentions?

My writings are simple, with God at its center. He is my writing partner, not the world. I don't write to please the world; I write for Him. He showed me what the world NEEDS, not what the world wants. And what the world needs is GOD.

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When I say spiritual warfare, I'm talking about the unseen battle that ages around us. Every second of everyEternity, gives light to that situation. It shows how the enemy uses his foot soldiers against us, to torment our thoughts, our actions, and our minds. In the series there's The Messenger, an angel, The Usher, a demon, and the characters that are being tormented, and at the same time trying to be saved. I use real life situations to show how the enemy uses our own thoughts and desires to bring us down. I also show how God is by our sides the whole time, even when we are in the absolute wrong.
day. Angels are real, and so are demons. Heaven and Hell are real. Whether people believe it or not, when we leave this earth it's just the beginning of our eternities. My short story series,

My other series, The Seer Society, is about a young girl who finds out she was chosen to do a mighty work
in the fallen world. The seers are biblical. In the bible the word “seer” changed to prophet. I use my own little twist on this series, though I keep it biblical and God at the center. There is no angel falling in love with human, or demon falling in love with human, and so on and so far. This is a clean series, one that is
 entertaining, and at the same time will open eyes.
That's my prayer, that the world opens their eyes. I pray they are able to lift the veil that the enemy has tied around them for so long, and then see God's glorious light, even in this dark place. After all, light overcomes darkness every time.

The Seer Society is currently under construction and will be published 2014. There will be new twists and turns, and since I'm writing through the eyes of many characters instead of one, the reader will be able to see the story from all sides. Also, my writings are not just for teens. I believe all ages can find something in my stories they like. 

Jenna Kay Pridgen

Dear writer visitor?
How did you find out you were meant to right?
Have your personal beliefs had an impact in your writiing in profounnd way?

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  1. Wendy, thank you again for allowing me this opportunity to share my work. I want to point out that the Seer Society isn't available yet, and that the book covers will be remade. The ones shown were with the previous publisher that I am no longer with. But hey, be on the lookout for the Seer Society's new versions 2014!! Everyone reading this have a blessed day!!
    Jenna Kay Pridgen

  2. Thanks for that update Jenna. I am waiting with bated breath.


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