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Aug 2, 2013

Poetry Friday: the New Woman

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  12:10 PM

I have a book on my shelf titled: A Century of South African Poets _ ISBN: 0 949937 86X.
I’ve previously posted a poem here about an Anglo Boer war soldier that was heart wrenching from this same book.
I find that every time I open it I learn something personal to the people who lived our history through the poets. Such as today’s poet, Thomas Craig. I was so shocked at the this poen that I went and tried to do some research on who he is. The pity is that there seems to not be much of a record on African poets who are not contemporary (late 1900’s to 2000’s). Like our folklore, those details are getting lost with the passage of time.
The little I have picked up is that Thomas was actually Rhodesian (Zimbabwean), not South African (little difference for the time I’m sure). Through the very few poems I’ve been able to track online I’ve also decided that he either hated women or thought very little of them…..a man of his time would you say (1901 or so)?
*mienair or bearing especially as expressive of attitude or personality (e.g regal bearing)

Now for the poem that make's me suspect even more that this was no woman lover.....Not a Gandhi type by any stretch of the imagination. (Sidenote: Gandhi in South Africa 1893 to 1914).

*Parson the priest of an independent parish church
The Parson's Grave

Top of Form
1His tombstone tells a tale of woe --
2    The story of a saddened life --
3"Here lies the Reverend Jonas Lowe,
4    The victim of a faithless wife."
5And we who knew that parson dear,
6    Bemoan the wrecks Eve's daughters cause,
7And having dropped the casual tear,
8    Still speculate, -- Whose wife it was?

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  1. How dare she! What does she have to be so upset about?! Thomas Craig, I think you feel a little threatened. LOL

  2. LOL. He has certainly rubbed me up the wrong way @Deb. A male friends said but its just social commentry WEndy, and I nearly bit his head off.

  3. So funny that you commented on my blog! I was actually thinking about you yesterday, wondering how you're doing. :-D

    That first poem definitely comes out of that time. The second, on the other hand, is more against the parson than the woman.

  4. Both of these conjure up a lot of emotions!
    I love your photo! And I do agree about the first one-history is hidden in many poems, but not this one! Thank you for sharing! I will be by more often to see how you are! I'm going to look on another site and see what I can find~
    Take Care! @>---------

  5. @Ella, thank you (re. photo) , you're very sweet yourself.

    @Misha you've been on my mind too.


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