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Aug 30, 2013

Poetry Friday with Kathrine Starbuck

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  5:30 AM

Sometime ago I read an interview with this wonderful lady who only started writing poetry at 60. 

One of the things I really like about poems of hers that I have read is the unapologetic force behind her writing. 
I loved her response to an interview question from the Poets & Writers Mag when she talks about how and why she writes poetry. I identify with that:

P&W: Would you have ever written poetry if you hadn’t gone through this intense grief?
KS: I don’t think I would have. I was driven to do it. And once I started doing it, I liked it a lot. I still like it. I just love writing poems. I love working with the words. I know nothing about how a poem is put together. I have no interest in any of that—whatever it is that is supposed to make a poem. But I know how I like to do it. It just really, really interests me, so I do it a lot.


I was the lonely one in whom   
they swarmed in the millions.   
I was their creature and I   
was grateful. I could sleep   
when I wanted.   

I lived a divided   
existence in sleepdreams   
that lit up a silence as dreadful   
as that of the moon. I have   
an overly-precise recall of   

those solitary years before   
I opened the curtain and drew   
upon a universe of want that made   
me so strong I could crack   
spines of books with one hand.

Convinced, 1957

At last I was convinced that giving in to their thinking represented a huge error in the evolution of my family affairs. Riven with a savage melancholy, not permitted out of the house without two minders—one armed with needle sedative, the other armed with arms—I armed myself with myself and threw off the vulgar superstition and reactionary domination that had up to then poisoned my mental library, imprisoning me, making me believe, with them, that I must have children when I knew that I must not, would not.    And I did not.

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  1. Hi, just dropping by to see how writing your first book is going.

    1. Hi Beth I'm so please to meet you. Thank you for checking in and I should have posted but for some reason I missed that we were starting yesterday. My Christian book is stalling but poetry is coming I'm leaps and bounds so I don't know.

  2. Poetry is so good for the soul. Great to meet you, Katherine.

    1. Wow mary this is the first time I actually see you face and you are so beautiful

  3. This is wonderful! I am so happy to read about Katherine! Thank you Wendy for sharing~ I look forward to hearing more about your book :D

  4. Thank up Ella and I will certainly keep you all updated.


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