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Aug 19, 2013

Review of Eternity by Jenna Kay Pidgen

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  12:13 AM

Author:  Jenna Kay Pidgen
Series:     Y 
Genre:     Speculative Fiction, Spiritual Life/Inspirational
Publisher: LifeLine Press (April 17, 2013)
Page Numbers Source ASIN: B00CF63PRW

Book One
Jeff Craner has it all - money, a career, possessions, and a woman that most men would give anything for. He's living the high-life, but he's missing the only thing that truly matters. Through a series of selfish choices, his decisions lead him down a path that will determine his eternity.
Jenna Kay Pidgden

Book Two
After years of separation, Jenny Stancil has finally found her sister Justine. She's so thankful that God has reunited them, although she knows that a battle is ahead. 
Justine has spent twelve years on the street and has decided to stay in rehab so she can become sober. Meth has kept her bound for too many years. What Justine doesn't expect, is the pain and torment she must go through to become clean.
An unseen battle is being waged between good and evil, and Justine's soul is hanging in the balance.Source: Amazon

My Review Of Book 1 & 2
I did not follow my usual template for this review because these two short stories the are a series and with short stories you run the risk of revealing to much. Therefore I've just summarised my thoughts on both. Here we go:

One of the things which endeared me to Eternity was the sincerity with which it is written. I knew before
reading it that the writers faith and belief’s would greatly influence her writing. She did have me wondering how she would do that without becoming too preachy if the book is meant for people even outside the genre as well.

I’ll admit there is a bit of the peachiness but only as a point of reflection from the protagonists but not so much so that it overwhelms. It just sets the right tone and boundaries between those who are for and against Christ.

What I really found fascinating in Book 1 were the going on’s in hell and in Book 2 the experiences and sufferings that drive certain people to a life of drug dependence and life on the street. These two areas really affected me in the sense that:
  •  Book 1 reminded me that the satan is forever looking for a way to get us to fail in our spiritual and physical endeavors. That’s his game plan and as believers we must always be mindful of him.
  • Book 2 in that it is so important to minister to our loved ones and the lost because many of them are in situations through no fault of their own. It is not just for them to go through life never having had an opportunity to meet Christ.
There were only two things that I really thought could do with some work:

 I found the characters a bit one dimensional, especially the protagonists. It being short stories I’m sure this is a challenging thing to do but I kept wishing for more to make them more believable specifically because as we are complex beings when someone such as Jenny is portrayed in perfect light, it makes being a follower of Christ seem impossible.

I would have liked for each character to have their own voice, in terms of writing style. The use of syntax to be specific. There should be a different sound from when the writer or character is narrating to when they are conversing. For example in Book Two the thought patterns of the addict are too deep for someone in that situation, she sounds like a councilor or shrink on drugs.

In closing, I started off by saying that these books were written with great sincerity. And in that is contained a profound Biblical truth. That if you keep messing up with the opportunities you are given to live right in this life, there are no second chances yonder.

Such a painful reality.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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  1. Hey, Wendy,

    Sounds interesting. I do agree that stories can come across as unrealistic if characters seem perfect.


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