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Sep 19, 2013

Authors Get On Our List Of Exclusive Book Promotions @ Fabulosity Reads (FR) & Fabulosity Galore (FG)

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  4:03 AM

I am partnering up with authors to assist with book sales and get more exposure through my blogs, social platforms and readership.

Why should you consider using this service? 

  • You could have a newly released book and you want to build momentum, 
  • you want to use this platform to make sales during your book launch, 
  • you may be experiencing some stagnation and are struggling with book sales or 
  • even just want to do something nice for your readers while getting sales.

This is a mutually beneficial arrangement that was proposed to me by the multi-talented DL Atha. The benefit is that I promote your book through every means at my disposal to garner sales which increase your record obviously and I am able to boost my affiliate track record through Amazon and Kalahari (South Africa). 
The earnings I make from this are to fund my writing and blogging goals discussed HERE.
For you to take advantage of this invitation, you may send a request to:
Subject: Fabulosity Galore Promotions
Body: Explain the nature of the offer you would like to make to our readers and buyers. Keep in mind that the sweeter the deals the better we are able to help market your book. Don’t forget to mention how long this promotion you would like us to host will last.

Note that FR & FG hold exclusive rights to the selection of offers to push. We are looking for the best offers for our shoppers and therefore the more attractive the package, the more likely it is that your book will be selected and promoted.

Get DL's Books Here
I’d like to thank my first promo partner, DL Atha. DL is the author of two published novels:

  • Blood Reaction published in 2011 and 
  • For the Sake Of Revenge (An Alaskan Vampire Novel) published in 2013. 

Both novels have enjoyed great reviews and presence on and off line. I have enjoyed reading them a great deal and also reviewed them HERE.
Through Fabulosity Reads (FR) and Fabulosity Galore (FG) _Book Shop, the reader will have an opportunity to purchase Blood Reaction and receive For The Sake Of Revenge for free.

Let me use DL’s promo to show you the basic details which will be communicated to the potential buyer.

Promotional details:

"Old vampires with grudges die hard"
Get The Deal
Feed your reader or stock up the book shelf with some spectacular vamp tales with a refreshing twist and storytelling second to none.

What do Amazon readers say:
“Definitely looking forward to her next book, whatever it may be about! ” Stacy Claflin  |  14 other readers made a similar statement

"The suspense is really good, the story line and dialog flows very well in this wonderfully written horror story.”  Brian Bigelow  |  15 other readers made a similar statement

“I just finished For The Sake Of Revenge and it was wonderful and the ending left the door (or the hole in the ground!) open for more of the story in the future. A creative and historic look at Russian folklore. Just like I felt after her first book I'm ready for more!” Dr Childe Brand

Our Deal

  • Purchase an eBook (Kindle) copy of Blood Reaction ($2.99) & receive an eBook copy of For the Sake Of Revenge for free.
  • Purchase a paperback copy of Blood Reaction and receive an eBook (Kindle) copy of For The Sake Of Revenge for free. Any purchase of the paperback version of Blood Reaction also gets a signed book mark posted to them by the author.

Buyer what do you need to do?

  • You have to purchase Blood reaction through any the Amazon links you will find on any on my blogs, the FR and FG Fan pages FB, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads (Wendy Ewurum),  etc
  • You must email you order number to us at: and mark it: DL Atha Promo_ Order Nr: _on the subject field. This will enable us to authorize release of the free eBook copy (and postage of the bookmark where applicable).

WARNING! If the Blood Reaction is purchased through any link other than the one below, this offer is made null and void. This link will befound on our blogs and social platforms as stated above.

Happy Reading folks and remember:


We’d love to send you updates of special deals such as this so please don’t forget to add us to your Google+, like our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter.

I'm hoping to get your requests soon writer friends. Thank you for reading and as this is the beginning, I welcome your suggestions of improvement for consideration.

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