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Sep 6, 2013


Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  2:43 PM

Last week Friday was the first dayfor the updates for the BIG DREAMS Bloghop hosted by Misha & Beth and and I missed it.  I apologize to everyone who came around to check for my progress. 
The essence of this hop is to identify a crazy goal, something you badly want to do or have even started doing but struggling along with and add it as a goal to accomplish in the Linky here.  
We then go around checking on each other on the last Fridayof the month to see how much progress you’ve made towards your project. 


My Project is to finish this Christian book I’m writing. It is based on my thoughts about scriptures I have studied and what they have meant to me. It’s a sort of cross between thoughts on scripture from the average Christian (me) perspective and an inspirational book. It is really an exercise to get me in the habit of writing. I'm told one has to start somewhere.

I have to be very honest and say that my writing wavered in the last few weeks because of : 
  1. A disturbance I had at the church I was attending.  I left the church because of the unethical practice of leadership but the experience left a bad taste. It’s no excuse however I think I just needed to take a moment to find my feet again. 
  2. Some criticism I got after posting a poem of my own. I asked for critique and advice because I am green at this but I wasn’t expecting for someone to say I shouldn’t write until I have studiesd and are fully competent in the genre I’m venturing in. she mentioned that I should first study rhymes, meters and the list went on….because before I can write I must know how to do these things. She felt that even though she enjoyed the poem, I shouldn’t write if I haven’t taken the time to study how it should be done.
Then she went onto my FB page the next day and went on to say: it's easy to claim writer status but hard to strive for excellence. I haven’t claimed to be an expert on writing and I know its one person’s opinion which I shouldn’t hav taken to heart. This critique now that I think about it resonates very well with Misha's post for today. She talks about such joy stealers who seems to be stalking Google+. Check out her post, i really enjoyed it.

BUT……I will have better news next week about this project and I believe a proper plan as well. This is my first writing project and I think one of my stumbling blocks is not having an outline, even a rough one, of what I want to achieve. 
I am a corporate trainer by profession and I put lesson plans together although I never use them but having them there helps me with a guideline for where I’m going. Sort of like a light in the distance. I think I need that here to help me keep on course.

I hope that at the end of this project I will have enough confidence to write a fictional tale. So definitely next Friday I’ll have better feedback. That's my goal for this coming week. Put pen to paper!

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Most know me as the author to Fabulosity Reads and in actual fact, that is the previous name of this blog. I have since then moved my books to a Wordpress self-hosted blog so that I can have a place to show a different side of me which I am equally passionate about and that is marketing and personal development. I hope you will love being here, watching me grow as I share and learn. My highest hope is that we will grown and learn together in all disciplines affecting our lives. I'd LUUURRRVE to hear from you, so don't be shy...


  1. Oh sounds like you attracted the attention of a writing snob. There are many writing snobs out there. I eat dinner with one. She says that when she wrote her first book, she spoke and wrote in "perfect English." My unspoken response, "Well vanity in you is there?"

  2. Michael it seems the writing world is fraught with nay sayers. One just has to learn to roll with them punches.

  3. Unfortunately criticism is part of writing; it's necessary for us to grow as writers. But there is a difference between giving criticism, and being critical.

    However, the criticism you received wasn't all wrong. Having a theoretical knowledge of writing allows you to understand how it is constructed. Think of it as a bridge; while you may be able to draw a beautiful picture of a bridge, you can't build one without knowing about things like tension and weight-bearing etc. That being said, even the most seasoned writers are still learning their craft. When it comes to writing, NO ONE knows it all.

    But don't let one critical response bash your confidence too much (I know; easier said than done, right?!) Getting up from criticism is also a part of being a writer. So hold your head high and prove your critics wrong!

  4. Angelina I completelt agree with you. In fact I did go and dust of some books from my self on poetry. I just found it harsh that one should never write until you are declared competent. LOL

  5. If that critic was right, none of us should be writing at all! No authors first book will be as good as what they publish years later. Learning any craft takes time and our first efforts are necessary to learn from. Who is going to declare us competent?

    But the blogosphere is full of critics, but most are very helpful. I love to learn from critique, but not everything we post is open for critique unless we specifically request it.

  6. This is so true Denise. It doesnt mean you are not interested in perfecting your craft, its is just a step by step process and developing a writing habit is a bog part of that process.

  7. Hi, Wendy,
    I hope you're on track to keeping up with your goals.

    I guess sometimes people don't understand how they steal your job not by what they say, but how it's said. I tend to jokingly say that there should be a rule that she shouldn't venture into novel writing before we know what we're doing, but at the same time, there really isn't any other way to do it.

    Nothing but writing and rewriting is going to make a writer out of us. In my case, I hadn't really started studying the craft before I launched straight from short stories into novels. That said, keep going, work hard. You'll achieve your goals.

  8. Its getting there DL. I tell everyone about you. i was even doing so today with a guy on FB thats about to venture into self pubishing. I'm so inspired by your journey


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