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Sep 10, 2013

Book Review: Nice Guy Syndrome by Phil Torcivia

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  1:38 AM

Today’s book review is a little different guys because I don't normally read this type of book and am not sure what areas to cover in my review so I'm just gonna tell you about it and then you decide whether its something to venture into. 
I have to mention to you straight off the bat that the book is a wee bit crude, there's a fair amount of cussing and plenty inappropriate reference to certain parts of the anatomy. Although not eroctic in anyway, the above are the main source of conflict for me.  Ironically however, although vulgar in places its not at all ugly (unless we're talking about chapter 15, then things get really nasty up in here). 

The thing that made me take up the writer's offer when he ws looking for reviewers, was that it promised to let me in on what makes men tick. I jumped at the opportunity to find out of course.

You see the question usually is: "what do women want" and I suspect it shall remain so until the end of time. This is simply because we are complex beings and fascinating enigmas (or so I like to think).

In fact we are a journey of discovery and men should just relax and enjoy the ride adventure and stop asking questions they will never get answers to. And most of those looking for the 7th wonders and mysteries of the world should just look at a woman in their lives and stop right there, that is a wonder that surpasses all. Anyway I digress.

If I am to believe Phil Torcivia, men have no mystery about them at all. I found what goes on in a man's mind within the first 3 pages. Men seem to think of nothing but sex. Infact by the time i got to page 100 I was completely convinced that men want nothing but sex too, if men have 1000 thought's a day, 8000 if them are spend thinking about sex. Maybe you're rolling your eyes by now, I would be too if I were you. Well he's a man so he should know so I imagine I cant comment on this with authority In fact I have to confess that I did ask a 30 something year old male friend just how often men think about sex in a day and his emphatic answer was: A LOT.

This "A LOT" would be a lot to take in all squeezed into 267 pages had it not been for Phil's writing acumen. This 50 something year old divorced male writes his book with such hilarity you just cannot read it with a straight face or sitting in prim company. Especially chapter 15 which even now brings shock, horror and laughter to me all at once. I still cannot get over what some hands get up to.

Now a bit on his trategy: When I started reading I was a little confused because I didnt get that he takes popular quotes and gives them his own take, which tends to be extremely funny, indecent and downright blush inducing.

I also almost got totally lost when I came across the FB like screen shots and then I realised that if I'd been paying attention I'd have known much earlier that they are some sort of transcripts of coversations he has with his felines. This is actual dialogue taking place.

Overall I thout it to be a very, very entertaining comedic auto biography and if your sensibilities don't get easily raffled, I suggest you check it out. 
I considered posting my favourite chapter here but then realised my virgin eyes will never get from the experience of reading it and perhaps its not wise for me to subjct you to it unwittingly. 

On that note, I hope you'll check out Phil's book and give yourself come much needed laughter. 

What is Nice Guy Syndrome?

Nice Guy Syndrome is an affliction where a heterosexual male is frustrated because he finds himself caged within the friend zone of women he'd prefer to be dating. Often, he is a kind and sympathetic person who listens well, and lends a shoulder for women to cry on. He's loved and admired, but not the type of fellow women sleep with.....

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  1. Sounds interesting, but honestly, I'm not really sure I want to know. :-D

  2. I think it's true that men think about sex just about constantly.

  3. Sounds like an interesting read, Wendy. There are a lot of books out nowadays about romance, sex, dating, relationships, but they seem to sugar coat things. Wondering if the vulgarity and cussing is pertinent to the overall story or if it's just there for shock value. We have a slightly perverse sense of humor, and definitely don't have virgin eyes, (LOL) ;) so we'll check it out.

  4. Don't you think it's a great thing to have romance floating back in Inion. I love paranormal but boy has it been much. And not all of it good.


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