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Sep 24, 2013

Chatting With Carlyle Labuschagne: Interview & Birthday Giveaway

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  11:29 AM

Hi friends. I invited Carlyle over this morning so that I could remind you about the mega birthday bash going on right now on the bloggasphere. If you haven't entered yet this is the last week to win vouchers and books _ lots and lots of books. I've attached the rafflecopter again at the end of the excerpt for The Broken Destiny. Please share this with as many people as possible because not only will it garner followers for Carlyle's network but for dozens of fellow writers too who have sponsored the giveaway. 
Dont forget: you can also buy Carlyle's books at my book store as well. Second slide show to your right.

You can also later point people to my blog's left side bar to enter in the course of the week. Good luck and with that, this is what Carlyle had to say to my curious questions. Oh and by the way, if for nothing else, I would love Carlyle for simply being one of the most talented writers who are working hard on their craft and concurrently putting my beloved country SA on the global writing map. Much love to you girl.

Author Bio:
Carlyle Labuschagne is a South African debut author working her way into the hearts of international readers with her first young adult dystopian novel "The Broken Destiny"

Carlyle loves to swim, fights for the trees, and is a food lover who is driven by her passion for life. Carlyle also writes for IU e-magazine India, an inspirational non-profit magazine that aims at inspiring the world through words. The drive behind her author career is healing through words. Carlyle is also the founder of the first annual book drive – Help Build A Library inAfrica Project.

“My goal as an author is to touch people’s lives, and help others love their differences and one another.”

You are having a very good ride at the moment with the popularity of your books, so let’s start with finding out what has been your biggest high since publishing your first novel?
Wow there has truly been so many. Id have to say seeing my book on the shelf of South Africa's largest book   store exclusive books. There after probably being in the local print news, some great reviews, the love and       attention I get from readers. And recently spending the afternoon with the band members Prime Circle back stage while the do a sound check for Joburg day. They each received a signed copy of The Broken Destiny and we took some great pics! pics here

You have been getting a significant amount of press coverage locally as well I've noticed, and I bet not every author is this privileged, what do you attribute that to? 
First of all the most important thing is to establish yourself as a brand, get the word out there, work very hard on building a respectful CV for yourself, approach some publicists and as soon as they accept to work with you - its game on. 

If the reader would like to read those articles, where can they find them?
I have just listed them on my about page on my website:

One of the things I most often come across is the fact that writers are often unprepared and therefore ill equipped to deal with getting the book out to the world after it has been written. How significant has your sales and marketing background been to the publicity of your books? 
It has played a major role. But in this case I think if you have a passion for your story, for getting your brand out there, the trick is to never give up and start networking, researching. Practically taking your business card and knocking on doors.

As a marketing expert what are the three most critical things that you think a writer should be cognizant of and have included in their marketing strategy? 
Network, giveaways, guest appearances, Offer to assist others, blog tours, and social marketing. First of all you need a great slogan!

Now getting to one of the tools to your marketing strategy, you currently have a birthday promotion out for The Broken Destiny in the form of a very magnanimous raffle copter. Tell us about it and how the reader can participate? 

I have often seen posts where writers complain that they find that they do not benefit from giveaways (no reviews/ no significant changes in sales), in fact I know some who have taken the decision to stop giving away free merchandise completely. Your birthday giveaway has around 40 authors (i think?) involved and preparing for it must have been a serious drudge, why would you go through such trouble for give away? What makes it worthwhile for you? 
It does work, you just have to like anything else in life, work hard at it. You cant just simply post and sit back, you need to be involved, get the readers and other industry influences involved. You have to come up with exciting ways to present and deliver.

In your marketing career, have you ever done something by accident and then it turns out to have been the best thing every? 
Hmm probably yes, all the time. I am one of the believers of everything happens for a reason. There are really too many to list or one specific thing to pinpoint, its all been one massive blur, from one high to the next low, then up the one day and so it goes on. You have faith is all I can tel you.

I’m sure you have had moments of serious frustration as a debut author getting their books out (serious assumption :) ), tell us about them? What kept you going? 
Yeah I have had too many. First I had to pull my book from releasing the first time with no more than two weeks before publishing date, because once I received the actual proof copy I picked up on so many things we missed in the editing process. I then got working with my currently editor - bless her heart and just about rewrote so much of it - Then released it 6 months later. There are many things that can go wrong, but you have to know from the word go, only the strong survive. Your love and belief in yourself, and your work will push you through - never give up -  never.

Within the next 12 months, what should we be looking forward to from you? Release of book two, and maybe a short story. 
Im hoping to write a more South African fiction thriller and get it to penguin South Africa  Ill be heading out to the USA next year for UtopYA con 2014. October next year - SA Indies Rock Bookfest.

Excerpt from

The Fall

The icy air stung my cheeks. Shivering, I pulled my legs in close to my chest, not taking my gaze off the ocean. I wondered about the creatures in the ocean and tried to imagine what swimming beside a school of fish would feel like. I wanted to touch the coral. It had seemed so beautiful in all the pictures I had seen of it. I drew in a deep breath of the crisp ocean air. Things are changing again. The return of the seasons is a sign, I mused. I attempted to steady my breathing and take control of all the emotions that were welling up inside of me. I was sad, angry, lonely, frustrated and hurt. It hurt that Sam could betray me like that. Then, all of a sudden, I smelt a putrid odor somewhere near me. I recognized it immediately. I should not have walked out so far, I scolded myself. Panic swept over me. I quickly looked behind me. The beach was deserted. I jumped down from the rock and scanned every inch of bush and searched behind every rock in the area. I crouched down beside the rocks, trembling. Think, think, think. There is no one here but you. My skin came alive with adrenalin. It began to burn and became sensitive to the fibers of the cotton shirt beneath my many layers of clothing. I could feel the vibration of the water pulling away from the coarse sand. I was on full alert. The sharp odor stung my nose and made me feel nauseous. He was nearby. I grabbed a piece of rock near my feet, the coldness of the stone stinging my palm. I jerked myself up again.
“Come and get me!” I yelled.
My knees were weak and trembling and my heart pounded against my chest. A sharp pain shot through my head, a white fire burned in my mind and the air blew out of my lungs. I was struggling to breathe, but I held my ground, squeezing down harder on the stone. The pain subsided for a moment and I drew in a deep breath, the air in my lungs very welcome and greatly comforting.
“Coward!” I screeched. “Come out and face me!” I yelled, although deep down inside I was hoping he wouldn't. My throat pulled tight. I will not cry, I adamantly told myself.
The breeze twirled around the bushes beside me. The air was thick and stifled my lungs. The waves crashed gently. All else was silent.
“Just as I thought,” I murmured to myself.
I needed to make a run for it if I was going to get back to Arriana’s alive, but once again pain shot through my head like a rocket was taking off inside of me. Hewas toying with me.  I fell down to my knees and compressed my head between my hands as hard as I could. The pain was insane. It felt like my head was about to burst open. There was nothing but the pain. It blocked out all my other senses. Using all my might, I tried my hardest to squeeze the white fire out of my brain.
“Help!” I yelled as loudly as I could, but I knew that it wasn’t loud enough for anyone to hear.

It was as if I was in one of my dreams where I kept calling out but no one could hear me. The sharp pain hit me once more, but this time it did not come alone. There in my mind was the white painted face. It taunted me with its big, jagged, yellow teeth and its hard black eyes. I have been here before and I have won before. I will win again, I tried to convince myself, but the doubt crawled back in. No one knows where I am, I started to panic again. I screamed as the pain shot into my chest. The white fire in my mind intensified and the face’s prominence tripled. I’m losing consciousness, I realized. I could feel my feet going numb and the sounds around me were disappearing. I’m dying.. A moment later I opened my eyes and frantically searched for the rock I had dropped. The potent odor still hung in the air around me. I noticed a pair of legs walking over to me. I knew it was him. The smell was settling in the sand before me. At first I didn’t register the a red bike was standing in the background. I lay coiled up on the cold sand, my hands still clamped over my head in an attempt to push the pain out. I drew on every shred of courage I had and swung myself up, fully ready to strike him with the rock in my hand. I hoped I could knock him down before I passed out from the pain. I tried to focus on the figure in front of me, but the white face was right in front of me, leering. Is it real, or is it still in my head? I wondered. Confused, I lunged forward, swinging wildly. I felt a warm hand encircle my wrist. As soon as I felt its warmth on my skin I let go. The white fire burned into my brain and the face, that horrid face, imprinted itself in my mind. I yelled out in frustration, or it might have been pain. I felt myself being lifted off the ground. I stopped resisting when I realized how easily my body cradled around his. It was Troy. I still couldn't see his face, but I could smell his signature scent of sandalwood, the ocean and something sweet. I no longer fought for consciousness, but let myself drift away, and into him forever.

Fingers crossed to everyone joining.

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Best of luck thank you for joining in my celebrations! 

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