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Sep 28, 2013

Do You Have Goals Blog Hop: My Writing Goals Have Changed

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  5:05 AM

This blog hop is hosted by Misha and Beth. I hope you'll pay them a visit.

There has been a major shift in my goal setting this month. I started out with writing an inspiration Christian book which is more of arecording of thoughts but somewhere along the line things changed and I've been quite worried about writing this post because I don't really know if there's a way to change my Linky title so that I don't feel like I'm misleading you when you come over. My new goad title should be : First Draft By Year End.

But the gist of it is that I started out with my more real life book but I think because my desire has always been to write from the imagination, in sort of evolved into 16 poems thus far and 2 chapters of a novel.

My plan is to have a collection of the poems ready as a first draft by the end of this year. Im looking at 20 to 25 poems, I thik thats a decent number.  This is a lot of work for me at the moment because even though I call them poems I dont think they really are as I don't know how to write petry. But then neither are they stories so I call them the other. None of them are ready for exposure yet, except if I can perhaps point you to an example of the one I wrote the day after I heard about the 8 year old girl that died of internal injuries from a rape by her 40 year old husband,. You'll find that HERE..
So the plan is for me to have gotten some education (DIY) about the basics of poetry writing and edit. The first draft shoul be ready bu year end for beta readers.

I am also writing a story under a pen name and at this point I am leaning towards a longish novella.
I have sort of mapped out in my mind where the story has to go after having written the first two chapters. The reason for the pen name is privacy because of the contravercial nature of the book. I dont want to open myself up to people asking me if I used them in the book because it is inspired by things I see around me. So I am worried that someone may see themselves because I unwittingly made the resemblence too close.

So thats my writing thus far. Sort of feels up in the air doesn't it?

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  1. Sorry for only stopping by now! I had a bit of a hectic day yesterday.

    Anyway, I changed your entry. :-) Good luck with your adapted goal!

  2. Good luck with your new goal. Sounds like an achievable one for sure. I have struggled lately with being indecisive about one single goal to focus on. I think because I keep seeking a goal that I can easily achieve. All of them require me to publish something, though, and that's never just a snap of one's fingers. :P


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