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Sep 19, 2013

Maybe I Will by Laurie Gray: Book Tour and Review

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  3:32 PM

Author: Laurie Gray 
Series:     N 
Genre:     Fiction, Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Luminis Books (November 12, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 1935462709
  • ISBN-13: 978-1935462705

Gr 9 Up-Sandy plans to audition for the school's production of Peter Pan. Never identified as male or female, the aspiring actor loves performing and intends to go to Juilliard for a degree in drama. Sandy has two close friends: Cassie and Troy. When Cassie's boyfriend, Aaron, sexually assaults Sandy, the teen becomes depressed, turns to alcohol, begins to shoplift, and pulls away from Cassie and Troy. Sandy develops a new friendship with Shanika and is introduced to tae kwon do, which helps a little, but it is not until the teen's parents eventually learn of the troubles and become involved that recovery is possible. The author intentionally does not identify Sandy's gender to demonstrate that neither sex is immune to trauma, but this device hinders readers' ability to fully connect with the character. The narrative never truly resonates with readers because of their inability to empathize with Sandy.-copyright: Melissa Stock, Arapahoe Library
This blurb came from Amazon.
I should mention at this point that this post is part of a book tour hosted by Novel Publicity.  I have to commend Novel Publicity for picking out such great writers. This is the second tour I’m participating in and again this has been a really great reading experience from what I’ve seen so far, I think they really do go out of their way to find and represent the best indie talent out there.
I loved the beginning of the story, the Prologue to be specific. I felt it and other areas in the book were very good illustrations of what Karen Gowen was speaking about yesterday in her Guest Post here in reference Making Characters Come Alive and referring to the point on: Show. The writer sets the scene and uses the reader’s imagination to play out the love scene that must have taken place to result in the MC being called Sandy.

She continues to do this as she keeps leaving hints throughout the novel that point to things to uncover in the future. Like when she first mentions the existence of many voices in Sandy's head even before tragedy struck.

This is a story with a message for young people. I feel I would give this book to my daughters if the were of age. It has a proufound messages of how to rise above your trails and that it’s ok to be conflicted and frustrated as long as you do not allow others to define you. Growing up is a process and you have to choose what works for you in the end. That is one of the messages I got. 

I love the writer’s quirky and often funny style. I think my favorite lines must be. Oh before I give you the lines let me give you a spoiler so that you understand why I found it so clever and funny. Sandy, Cassie and Troy have been friends since they were in their diapers:

"Nobody had called a Meeting of Minds since Troy’s birthday last summer. Cassie and Troy had this pact since sixth grade that Cassie would have sex with Troy on his 16th birthday If he was still a virgin. Troy always had this huge crush on Cassie. And Cassie……well, everybody but Troy knew he just was not Cassie’s type. But Troy saved himself for Cassie, and she kept her word. " (I don’t think as a parent I should have found this as funny as I did. LOL)

This is a rather difficult one because have three point in this section, two of which I feel very strongly about but be that as it may, I am not allowing my opinion to sway my rating because I feel that this was a very entertaining and thought provoking book. Very relevant to what our kids are going through in society and I think many teens would identify with Sandy’s story.
So here’s the thing:
As I mentioned earlier, the writer is very good at using the readers imagination, and perhaps too good. There was some “foreshadowing” that I expected to play out at the end and yet things never got there and for me that missed the ball a little. An example she gives a hint right at the beginning (the stroller incident) that both Sandy’s best friends have dysfunctional or at least missing some form of “normal” relationships with their parents. The two friends play very significant roles in Sandy’s life and yet there is no solid back-story to them. They are kind of hanging around being support characters with the focus on building Sandy’s credibility as a character. 

I don’t know if this was me over looking something but there seems to a gap in the detail when the first Meeting of Minds event is spoken of. Sandy is telling us: that’s why I called the meeting….and the shen gets side tracked  and goes into some background story building for us to get a feel for her and her friends and then later comes back saying: So back to that Thursday. It took a moment for me to figure out what the Thursday was because there was no previous mention of a Thursday and this threw me. I had to go back and read before I picked up that Oh, she’s referring to the point where she says: that’s why I called the meeting…. This must have been on a Thursday.

The ending doesn’t feel right to me. Right at the end, literally the last page Sandy has sexual feelings for her female friend. I mean I was ok with Luke’s sexual identity crisis but when out of the blue this happens to her, I just didn’t buy it as readily as I could have. Again, was Luke just being mentioned to support her character and experiences and not as a complete person on his own?  I just wanted more for Luke I suppose and for it to be less about her. I feel he would have enriched the story. (apologies if I’m  making character assumptions)

I feel strongly that there are social issues that this book is meant to address and that it is most probably meant for very young adults. Therefore I’m not sure I’d be really willing to have the reader believe that the law does not protect them. I think this particular point grated me the most. There is an air of hopelessness in the entire situation with the police & judicial system being so nonchalant towards the sex offender and set on blaming the victims.


To end this otherwise very long review, I strongly recommend buying the book. I think I am this opinionated about it because it seems to be message driven. Had it been complete fiction with no social agenda I would just have gone one and on about what a talented writer Laurie is, because sincerely, she knows how to engage her audience. The part where she explains poetry and sonnets is in bold highlights in my reader because I’ve been struggling with this area over and above this she’s made me fall inlove with the classics. I won’t tell you how she did that….you go find out. All I can say is: Shakespear is sexy and Laurie Gray is one to watch.


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  1. Another fantastic review, Wendy. I’m so glad you loved MAYBE I WILL, and that bloggers are getting so much out of it. I also love that you're loving taking part in the Novel Publicity blog tour program. We actually have another tour from Luminis Books coming up real soon, so be on the look out!

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