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Sep 16, 2013

NEWSFLASH: Rizolli & Isles star committed suicide today

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  10:48 AM

Oh no, Monday morning is starting of on such a sad note. I already posted the day's review this morning but I wanted to give mention of Lee Thomson Young's tragic death. I dont know if you are familiar with this Rizolli& Isles actor. I'm really fond of that show and we get a lot of repetitions in the various station so yesterday I was watching a tripple bill which by the way included the episode shown in the video below.

It was so surreal when Himself called out from behind his laptop screen this morning and said: "baby I think the guy from the show you were watching last night killed himself". Of course I immediately went of scavenging for news.
This is such a sad tragedy for someone whom< according to his work mates, appears to have been so kind and stable and generous. E sadder thing is when something this unexpected happens and there are no apparent explanations, such as drugs being involved, violence, etc. You are left hanging because we like to have closure annd here's there no mention of even a note to explain anything. One cannot help but wonder what could have taken him to that extreme, and why did no one see this coming.

I'm not judging, I'm just sad because when someone who appears to have had it all together chooses to go this way, I always somehow feel like we have failed that person.
When we greeted them and asked how they were, did we really look at them in the eye and consider their response. If they looked especially down, did we try to get in there to offer a hand.
I know all of these are hindsight questions for this situation but we live with these situations around us all the time, with our families, friends, work colleagues.
Perhaps when something like this happens it should remind us who are far from the situation to be more giving our our time and attention for the benefit of those around us.

Speaking fo work colleagues, I will never forget an incident at a previous job with an insurance company when a receptionist I didnt really know, in the department where I worked seemed especially down, which was quite unusual for her high spirited nature which we all enjoyed. After lunch, passing her desk I asked how she was doing and her response although a normal one made me pause. I asked did she need someone to talk cut a long story short (because I dont remember the conversation) I somehow ended up giving her a pep talk using my life as an example and sharing with her my suicidal tendencies in my late teens and the reasons why I thought I'd be better off dead when I wasn in that moment.  

To conclude this, she ended the conversation with: "Wendy, I left a note on my dressing table today, my suicide letter. When I left the house I told God that if he would give me a sign that at least one person cares, I will not kill myself when I get home this afternoon."
I got goosepumps right there. 
The wonderful thing is last month she sent me a message on whatsapp announcing that she was getting married next March and would like us to grab coffee to catch up.

I dont know what the situation was for Lee, but I hope whatever drove him to that point was not for lack of attentiveness added to his trouble soul. I hope that should I ever come across such a person again in life, I also will not be so caught up in my own life that I ignore my intuition, as I cannot explain what made me stop that day.

I am sure this gentle sould will be greatly missed by those to whom he was dear, and will be expecially be missed by his fans, myself included.

May his soul rest in peace :(

For more news on his tragic death:
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