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Oct 25, 2013


Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  11:36 AM


Its that time of the month when we spend a moment spilling our dreams to the world. 
Thank you Misha and Beth for tuning into our hearts every month end.
I'm loving my time on DO You Have Goals. 
It keeps me on my toes and working.
Accountability is key to progress.
So what happened in October?

REMINDER: My dream is to have a compete draft of a novel or poetry collection by year end.

I was very pleasantly surprised by my writing activities this past month. I still don’t write as frequently as I would like to but it is a lot better.

I think I have the first draft of four chapters, I’m not sure how to get that down to word count as I am writing by hand now a but it is about a complete 192 page A5 notebook.

You may be wondering why handwriting. Last month I decided that writing the first draft on my laptop was not helping because I kept getting and stuck on editing. With the handwriting, there is more continues flow since once it’s written I can’t go and delete and improve. I am making notes of things to do on margins though as reminders of what to look into when I have to edit after typing it up.

This has also brought on something else though which I’m not sure whether is good or bad.
It seems my story has taken on a life of its own. I had an initial plan but it somehow got bigger and broader than I thought and last night I realized that my fear of it being too revealing about my life may even be unfounded because although it started off strongly based on real life it is becoming more imaginary than the initial premise.

This is very exciting for me because I didn’t actually think I had an imagination in the first place, never mind enough to fill a whole notebook with words from it.

So that’s my writing month so far. I am holding thumbs or is it touching wood? That it will continue to flow.

Until next time....keep workin them goals! 

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  1. Writing by hand is hard! I draft on my laptop but I keep a separate document of "Notes" and jot down everything I'll have to fix. This helps me stay focused on drafting, and not miss anything in revisions! Good luck!

  2. I want to try the drafting by hand one day. Perhaps with my next WIP (once I've got this one out of the way!) Best of luck, great news to read you're developed a connection to your imagination. Always helpful to a writer. :D X

  3. From time to time I think of writing by hand. I don't think I'd ever go all the way that way but from time to time I like to write a bit on a notepad and then transcribe it into YWriter (the free novel-writing software I use). A writing friend of mine (published, many times) has tried writing a work in longhand but she admits that most of that work got thrown out in the next draft. But if it works well for you, stick with it. Every writer has different ways to work. I read about some writer who wrote lying down in a coffin. I've never tried that because I don't own a coffin, though.

  4. That's why I always draft by hand. :-)

    By the way, it's easy to count. Take a pen and count every ten words. If you keep track of your total word count every day, you can subtract to find how much you've written in a week/month/day.

  5. I write by hand too! I do it though because 1) the internet distracts me and 2) I write a lot faster than I type!

  6. Hi. I'm taking part in the Five Year Project too. My long term goal is to get a book published and my short term goal is to finish the first draft.

    I started writing my novel in longhand too - but when I typed it up I found I was editing as I went and I'm certain the typed version is better than the original. It is good to try different methods. Good Luck!

  7. Great thinking with the handwriting to avoid editing temptations! But I must say I am very good at not giving into editing temptation while typing away. I know from experience writing many rough drafts (hardly any are yet polished :P) that the best way to get it written is to keep writing it and not worry if it's crap or not yet.

    You're doing well, keep it up!

  8. Thanks trisha, I certainly will keep at it. Its the only way.


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