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Oct 25, 2013

From Anni With Love: The quaint & The Beautiful_ #Crafts

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  10:10 AM

The internet is an amazing thing. Seriously. I got such a lovely surprise a couple of weeks ago when i got a friend request from a familiar name from days gone by. Anneri is an ex-colleague from the first company I worked for when I arrived in Johannesburg in 2002. I left the company in 2006 and that was the last time we were in touch. The amazing thing was realising how much we had both evolved from being trainers in an insurance company to what we are now.... What's that? Oh I don't know for  myself. I couldn't tell you.... But maybe Anni has a better handle on that question. That's why I asked her to come catch up and tell us what she's figured out.

Hi Wendy
Once again, thanks for this opportunity to be featured in your blog.
Anneri Van Drimmelin

As you know I was involved in the Short Term Insurance Industry since 1991. 
I started at Telesure and worked in Client Services, Sales, Claims, Legal and eventually ended up in Training.
In 2007 I resigned and started my own FAIS Training Company, Certified Accreditation Solutions. After about a year passed I sold my shares in the company and moved to Jacobsbaai in the West coast. 

This was an amazing change in my life and I got involved with handmade craft. I started a range of wooden angels, which to my surprise I used a Jig Saw for the first time in my life. Needless to say the first few angels looked more like Aliens with wings, but eventually I got the hang of it. I sold the angels at local craft markets. 
After a year in the beautiful Jacobsbaai, I also realised that life is short and I missed being close to my mother and other family members, so I came back to Gauteng. 
A close friend at the time had her own Gifting Company, and I joined her in the Corporate Gifting Industry for a period of 3 years.
It was always a dream to have my own business and to get more involved in the Hand Craft Industry.
In August this year I opened my own little shop, Anni with Love. The shop is based in Helderkruin Roodepoort.
We support local crafters and enable them to show case their craft on a consignment basis. I also sourced suppliers from all over South Africa and try to cater for everyone’s décor and gift taste.
We have a few interesting imported goodies for the customers that are not into hand craft items.
I am in the process of launching a new monthly craft market at the shopping centre where Anni with Love is situated, which if all goes well will be launched at the end of November this year.
We also specialise in Gift Hampers, customers usually order either a pamper or treat hamper and then we source the contents according to the budget. We take special care with the baskets and ribbon we use to make it a special and pretty as possible.
Although Anni with Love is still very new it is going very well and the customers are full of compliments and the support much appreciated.

Anni with Love also recently launched a coffee shop which is now almost more popular than the gift section with the customers due to the personal hand homely atmosphere.
I still have big plans up my sleeve for Anni with Love, and I do believe that if a person is in an environment that you love and finally getting to live out your passion, anything is possible.

My favourite saying is: You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a cappuccino!!

SkillsDepot's Anni With Love album on Photobucket

You can get in contact with Anni With Love here. Please support a beautiful initiative.

Facebook Page: Anni With Love
Shop 20, Westways Shopping Centre, 200 Ouklip Road, Helderkruin, Roodepoort. 1724
PO Box 21007, Helderkruin, 1733 •  • 082 6743989

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