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Oct 3, 2013

Hans & Greta: Sexy Zombie Giveaway

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  5:40 AM

I absolutely love fairytales that have been given a dark and sinister twist. That's why I devour KW McCabe's twisted tales whenever she drops one. I anticipate to have the same devotion towards Nicki Elson's upcoming short story. I have not read the book as yet as it is only getting released on the 8th of this month (next Tuesday) but I cannot imagine sparkiling Zombies, no matter how sexy they might be, do you? I must admit I'm that I cannot wait to see what is here called a sexy zombie. Without further ado let me tell you about Hans & Greta.

Hans & Greta, is a twisted fairy tale novella with a chance of zombie:

Hans & Greta is a sexy zombie romance that asks the question: what’s in your basement? Hans and his contentious and spoiled fiancé, Liesel, are just two warm bodies who wander too far into a forest that was once the site of a zombie infestation. When they stumble upon a romantic cottage, Hans is completely unaware that the woman who will capture his heart—as well as his meaty flesh—is hidden away inside the charming home. Liesel’s plans for a classic fairy tale romance gradually turn to the stuff of horror stories and dark fantasy, and she’s the last one to see it coming.

In order to claim true love, Hans must endure captivity, unraveling mystery, and a brawl with zombies. You may have read romance books and adult fairy tales, and you may have read zombie books and horror books, but you’ve never read a zombie romance quite like the sassy and quirky Hans & Greta.

This cover is actually the reason I contact Nicki and asked that I drop something on my blog about  her book because I thought is was absolutely divine. I love it don't you? And let me let you in on something. The designer will be n my blog soon for an interview and she'll be giving away a free book design service to one lucky reader so you be here on the 23rd of this month.

Available in Kindle on October 8. You can add it at Goodreads now. 


“YOU HAVE TO get into the basement—today,” Hans told Liesel when she brought him breakfast the next morning.
“How do you know I didn’t get in last night?”
“Did you?”
He clenched his jaw. “Liesel, please. I’m asking you to get down there any way possible, and if you should find someone else being held against her will, do what you can to get her out and run for the forest, just run for it and don’t worry about me. I’ll fend for myself.”
“Oh, sweetie.” Liesel stuck her hand through the bars to caress the side of his face. “You are such a kind and caring man, and so sizzling hot and studly. Please, please don’t go nutty on me.”
He yanked away from her touch. “I’m serious! Think about it—remember during our first meal here, how we kept hearing strange noises in the house, but the old woman blamed it on her stomach or her bones? And how evasive she was about those cracks at the base of the house? Why do you suppose she’s got the basement curtains drawn so tightly? You’ve said yourself that something strange must be going on down there.”
“Something like a shifted foundation or perhaps an elicit harvest from the forest vegetation, not abduction. She might be eccentric, but she’s not capable of that.”
“Liesel! Look at me; look at you. What do you see between us?" He smacked the bars. “I’ve been abducted!”
“Shh!” Liesel hissed. “She’ll hear you.”
“Who cares! As matter of fact, I hope she does hear me—because it looks like getting her to come clean is the only way I’m going to get through your thick skull!” The edges of Hans’ vision blurred with red as his rage took over.
Liesel stepped back and glared at him. “You just won’t inconvenience yourself for one moment, will you? I’m doing this for us, for our future happiness.”
Hans gripped the bars and stared at the ground, forcing out a calming breath and making the decision to come clean himself. “She’s taken another prisoner.”

He raised his gaze to look at his fiancé’s gaping face. “I've  seen her.


I hope you enjoyed that and that its wet your appetite. To celebrate the anticipated arrival of Hans and Greta, Nicki is giving away a copy of the book on its release. That is the 8th October. If you are as curious as I am, be sure to enter.

You can find Nicki at: 
Her blog
Her website or  
Her Amazon Author page.

While we are on Rafflecopter, please don't forget the one running from Eve on her Love, Sex & All That's Candi Interview. You can link here or on the sidebar.

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  1. Oh, it is wickedly fun to see the story featured here! I'm so excited for people to get to read it next week.

    I'm EXTRA excited that you're going to feature the design artist here - Carol does amazing work and she's wonderful to work with!

  2. P.S. Hehe - no, no sparkling zombies.

  3. Excited about Nicki's book - it's an awesome cover.
    And looking forward to your first IWSG post next month!

  4. Ooooh, this sounds so good - And that cover! I want to read more!

  5. Omigosh you spell your female protagonist's name exactly like my daughter's! I agree with everyone else that it's an amazing cover!


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