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Oct 8, 2013

I NOW LOVE TWITTER, My Traffic Bringer: #Twitter Series 1

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  8:00 AM

There are still many bloggers, authors, businesses out there who either do not have twitter accounts or are not as active as they should be because they do not see the benefits thereof. I am essentially writing this post for them.

As you can tell from my title, there is a strong inference that there was a time I did not subscribe to the twitter idea. I didn’t understand its purpose or it’s functions. I could not get how you could gain anything of significance from people who want to post 140 characters about bathroom activities (celebrity or not). To be honest I never, ever thought there’d come a time where I’d confess a love for Twitter. Today I do.

This love affair began about two months ago with me looking for easier ways to bring traffic to my blog and minimise the time I spend on Facebook which I have to admit is beginning to feel like wasted effort with all the other emerging options. Right now coming a close second to twitter on my love tank is Google+ which is another revelation but a post for another day. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be leaving Facebook anytime soon because I have too many great connections and relationships there but, I am certainly planning towards dedicating more time to where I get most results.

What is it that I love about the Twitter platform?
From what I see people are on twitter not so much to build relationships than to look for interesting, relevant content which may or may not lead to introductions for potential long relationship. For example a twitter person that has been following you or was attracted enough by your tweet at a point to RT and favorite, will send you a DM (Direct Message) saying, this is who I am and have just followed your blog or liked your FB page **compliment**  I’d love to socialize with you else e as well, this is my FB page or blog, I hope you’ll look me up. BAM…you just earned yourself a loyal member you did not have to pep talk, bribe or elicit to follow you, your blog or fan page and over and above this, they have introduced your post or book to all their followers by retweeting and to a broader audience if you used #tags. By the same token, the twitter person may keep following your tweets and retweeting your posts without ever initiating contact, either way you gain.

And while I see that the search for great content remains the primary motivator for being on twitter, the platform is also a breeding ground for introductions where potential longer term relationships are initiated. It’s sort of like the social events that dating services host if you will. They organize a meet and greet where people of similar interest might strike a match but the relationship is not cultivated there. Twitter operates on that same principle. You meet on Twitter but develop a relationship on Facebook, your blog or such platforms.

Twitter subscribers are genuinely interested in people and businesses that add value to them and their interests one way or another.

With being more active on Twitter I have come to expect anything15 and 40 followers daily as these people connect with my content at different levels. At this point I do not even know how I would even begin to initiate this kind of response with my Facebook Fan Page (which by the way I hope you will like after reading this). 

New followers on any platform are important because they mean more exposure for your brand and product and hopefully more ching in your poket. That's what we're all building towards, no matter the strategy we employ. At this point building my Fabulosity Reads brand is critical as all my writing and a lot of my online entrepreneurial goals are attached to it. Therefore overlooking Twitter would definitely be detrimental to my brand optimization plan.

I hope this little introduction serves to encourage you to at least take a closer look at your twitter account and what it claims to offer, because twitter does deliver....if you learn to capitalise on its funtions.

My next post on twitter, which will be next Tuesday, will be sharing more specific strategies to get the most out of your tweet. I hope you’ll pop in again.

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  1. Great post on Twitter. I look forward to more.

  2. Oh the pressure and humility I'm getting from the thought of a marketing expert wanting to hear from me.

  3. I love Twitter. It's by far the most effective of my social media platforms for driving traffic and sending content viral. Great post.

  4. Nice post. Twitter is my favorite platform as well.

  5. Thank you guys and for the visit. It has actually been such a blessing working with Twitter lately.


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