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Oct 15, 2013

Tweeting For Impact: Twitter Series 2

Posted by Wendy Ewurum  |  at  10:30 AM

This post is the second on a series I have started in order to share how Twitter is working for me now as opposed to the last 2 or 3 years that I struggled with it in vain. For the first post click on the link above.

Fabulosity Reads has been on Twitter since its inception July of 2011. In all that time I managed to build up a base of all of 140 followers. To say I was discouraged about twitter is an understatement. 
It was not as if I wasn’t active, I was, I twittered every post I had and I #tagged when I remembered but tweeting? That, I was dedicated to. I should also mentioned that I hash tagged even though I didn’t understand what it means and used tags I had no clue what function they served because I knew they had to be good for something since everyone else was doing it. And I used them because someone who felt sorry for me seeing my frustration decided to hand me some.
This helped with getting my numbers from 90 to 140 about. Then all stood still.

When I decided to look at ways of increasing my following about a month ago I still didn’t know what I was supposed to do but this time I was willing to put some research into it. Lucky enough in this day and age this is easy with google and blogs at our disposal. I read and I took notes on what to do and some of them were mental notes but they stuck. Those tips I learnt I applied and in a month my following has moved from 140 to 800. To be honest this has been like an outer body experience for me (this instant increase) and yet I have still set a goal for myself of at least 2500 by December, why stop a good thing right? So this post is for the new or inexperienced twitterer and I hope it helps you too (please understand that I am not an expert in this but I am sharing what works for me as I go along.

1. House Keeping

When I looked at my Twitter account I ascertained that my lack of engagemement could have something to do with whom I was associating with because i noted that therewasn't much I could contribute to conversations or posts floating around. So I then looked at one or two fellow bloggers who had large followings and compared their follower profile and the profile of those they were following to mine and found that more than 80% of their collective database had something to do with what they blogged about or had a direct interest in.
 I, on the other hand was following 100’s of people with whom I had no common interests and therefore they did not even bother to follow me. For example I was following SEO specialists who really in terms of expertise I had nothing to share with them. I followed gossip columnists who would not relate to me because I was not into gossip columns. I had celebrities and let’s be honest, are they interested in anyone else? And then I had the fellow bloggers who actually made up a very high percentage of my little following.
So really, I had to do a whole lot of unfollowing before I could build again. 

2. Follow with care

Why is it important to follow strategically?
Because you want to fill up your main Twitter page with updates from people with relevant content that will add value to your life, business, interests or blog. 
My next step then was to find people who would have an interest in my work and this was not difficult at all because now that I had weeded out the other unrelated people, twitter could give me more focused suggestions for followers. I did not have to wait long before improvement started to show on my stats as these people immediately followed. We had something in common and they wanted to hear what I had to say. That is why I think it is crucial to do step one so that you do not have to search for information to share and then worry about whether or not someone will think you are spam because they are not interested. Secondly your followers will find Twitterers with interesting information from your stream too and this sonly extends the relationship and exposure as they TR your RT’s.

3. Sharing is caring

This is the end all and be all of Twitter. You need to share other people’s tweets for yours to be noticed. You might argue and say who says it’s not noticed currently without sharing. 
On Twitter you are only as good the position of your last tweet. I used to think that if I tweeted once, twice even five times a day that was enough. No, that is not even showing effort. You need to make sure that your name stays at the top and to do this you do one of two things: 

  • Stay on twitter 24/7 which is impractical (but actually not at all impractical if you have social media management tools that I will brief you about next week) or 
  •  Get others to keep you on top by making sure you RT and they are sure to do good right back. 

The first thing I do on my phone each morning is go to my Twitter stream and RT every post title or message that looks vaguely interesting. I get through at least 50 of these in 5 to10 minutes and I do it two or three times a day. I don’t read but bookmark what I find interesting to read later. I share without reading because considering my follower profile I trust someone will find the post useful and they do because they RT or comment.
The benefit of this is when you start become a familiar face, people feel inclined to RT you too (sneaky but works for everyone). That’s how you stay on top in your absence.
If you are not present all the time you become persona non grata and this is equal to a certain twitter death. No one remembers you or cares to pay attention to your tweets because in a minute your tweets position has been replace by 50 new ones. Ten minutes from the time you posted it will be sitting so far down you will think it’s archived, which it probably is in twitter world. 

4. Colourful Post Titles & Statuses:

I have not acquired these skills yet but am learning. You need to put serious thought into your blogpost titles and make them sound mysterious, catchy and attractive without bring vague. Plain titles just don’t seem to attract as many shares and creative ones. 
Guest Post: Hamilton Wade author of Awakening Olivia North or
Olivia's Hamilton Wade pays a visit: #GuestPost
Which do you think will elicit more curiosity?

5. # (hash) tag it

Hash tag are your gateway to limitless possibilities in terms of exposure. I cannot stress how important this is. When I RT your tweet, potentially all 800 of my followers will see your tweet. When they RT their followers will see it but that is still a finite number of people. When you hash tag you are exposing yourself to not only your followers and theirs but to anyone else on the internet who happens to be browsing for the word you have just tagged. 
You will notice I add tags even to my blog post titles and this is to ensure that even is it’s not me sharing the post it willcome up whenever those tags are searched. Word of caution, I use only one tag placed carefully so it doesn’t affect the look of the title.

This is a rather long post so today I will end here. I know written down it looks like a lot to do but actually once you start its a matter of clicks that can be done in muinutes everyday. Next week I will share with your some fantastic social media management sites that will combine all your social network in one place and you only have to write one post to send it to different places including Twitter. You can also schedule posts in advance which is a feature I absolutely cannot do without because i cannot spend all day on Twitter and I want to make sure as many people as possible are keeping me online permanently.

Do you have something to have a clever tip to share with us?

Do you have any specific things you would like me to post about in Twitter or questions about things covered in this post?

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  1. Great info. I've been trying to figure this Twitter thing out for a while. The only time I have fun on there is when I tweet/retweet/favorite during a show I love (like Walking Dead). Thanks for sharing these tips.

  2. Oh great to see you Meda and thank you for stopping in. If you need anyhelp just give me a shout and if i don't know we will find out.


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